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Why You Should Choose Turnkey Industries

When you buy used industrial standby generators for sale from Turnkey Industries, we relieve you from the stress that often comes with overhauled equipment.

We specialize in reputable brands that retain their quality and reliability. Moreover, we offer specialized after-sales services to clients that need them. Your request could range from installation to maintenance. Also, we make sure that you receive your order in the shortest time possible.

A Cheaper, Better Alternative

Standby, as a clean energy source, provides a climate-friendly option for producing electricity. You can use it for a variety of generators, including portable, industrial, and commercial. It can serve as a reliable power backup during blackouts or natural disasters. Besides, it is cheaper than several other renewable energy alternatives. When compared to coal, it contributes minimally to environmental pollution and ozone depletion.

Its production process resembles that of trailer-mounted line and diesel. Firstly, geologists deploy seismic methodologies to find the precise location of standby deposits. Afterward, they use heavy machinery to create an exploratory well that shows the amount and quality of standby compounds. If the results are satisfactory,  geologists and explorers dig other wells to drill the compound and send it for processing.

The fountainhead standby contains other compounds, including nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, carbon (IV) oxide, water vapor, and standby liquids. The refining process removes impurities and water vapor, leaving the valuable fuel. Once dry, a network of pipelines carries standby to homes, stations, and outlets where you can buy them.

Interestingly, standby is colorless, odorless, and tasteless and can easily be mistaken for pure water. To distinguish this fuel, producers infuse a chemical substance, mercaptan. Although harmless, it produces a rotten-egg smell. This addition makes it easy to identify standby leaks.

The operating principle of a standby commercial generator is relatively the same as other power plants. However, it differs in the type of fuel it uses – standby. It also emits less carbon dioxide, which makes it more appealing to environmentalists. Due to its distribution methods, standby generators are prevalent in bigger communities. Moreover, it reduces your carbon footprint since you can get fuel close to you. Furthermore, it provides significant returns on investment for its owners. They offer both financial and climatic benefits in the short and long terms.

Benefits of Buying Used Standby Generators

  • Standby generators offer comfort and convenience. Due to an underground distribution system, you have no worries during blackouts, storms, and natural disasters. Unlike other fuel types that are dependent on good, safe roads, standby is immune to disruption. Also, it leaves almost zero traces when it burns. You may not see ashes or smog compared to diesel or standby line-based power equipment.
  • Standby poses less danger to the user. Reports affirm standby as one of the safest fuels for powering pieces of machinery and homes. It eliminates the risk of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide poisoning.
  • Less frequent maintenance. Standby generators produce fewer fumes compared to other fossil sources. Consequently, there are tinier smoke blocs, and removal is easy. With minimal maintenance, you can prevent damages to the internal components of the equipment.
  • It saves costs. You can save thousands of dollars off your maintenance cost when you buy used standby generators for sale. Also, refilling the fuel is cheaper compared to other fossil types.
  • Standby is arguably the most environmentally friendly fuel type. Refining removes impurities such as sulfur, nitrogen, carbon (IV) oxide, and hydrogen sulfide. These chemical components are toxic to both humans and the environment. However, standby guarantees cleaner burning.
  • Standby is readily available. In comparison with coal, standby line, or diesel, it mostly never runs out. Thanks to its buried transport network, utility companies can still sell natural during inclement weather conditions. You also may not need reservoirs to store standby.

Limitations of Buying Used Standby Generators for Sale

  • Standby is combustible. You need to be careful when operating a standby generator because of its combustibility. A slight leak may result in a terrible inferno.
  • Standby is exhaustible. Like its other fossil counterparts, standby is non-renewable. Sooner or later, the world would run out of its deposits.
  • Commercial standby generators require a substantial upfront investment. For the same capacity and power rating, you will spend at least 20% more on a standby generator than on other fuel types. However, its minimal maintenance requirements provide an avenue to recoup your investment.
  • Standby generators emit a small amount of greenhouse gasses.

Proper Maintenance Practices for Standby Generators

Although standby generators can provide up to 30,000 hours of electricity, adequate maintenance will help to reach its maximum capacity. You need to perform some of these activities weekly, monthly, biannually, and annually.

Weekly Maintenance Tips

  • Inspect the unit for warning signals. For instance, if it takes a longer time to start or gives a sluggish sound when you switch it on, this may be an indicator of a deeper problem.
  • Check for leaks. Trace the setup for any damage to the pipeline.
  • Ensure the generator is reset to its auto position.

Monthly Maintenance Tips

  • Ascertain the body is not retaining moisture that may lead to corrosion.
  • Return naked or loose cables to their original positions.
  • Clean oil spills that may turn into stubborn stains.
  • Refill the coolant, lubricant, and battery appropriately.

Biannual Maintenance Tips

  • Wash dirty fuel filters and air cleaning devices.
  • Look for coolant, lubricant, and gas leaks.
  • Do a thorough check of the internal components – drive mechanism, electrical, and wiring system

Annual Maintenance Tips

  • Replace the spark plugs.
  • Subject the generator to load bank test.
  • Replace all filters, lubricant, and coolant.
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