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Turnkey Industries carries a variety of Caterpillar generators, so you can power your jobsite with the industry’s top brands. The generators below are available new or used, but that’s not the only way they vary. For instance, you can find Caterpillar diesel generators as well as natural gas generators below.

To further accommodate unique jobsite conditions, our units are available in various kW ratings, ranging from the tens to the hundreds to the thousands. Whichever Caterpillar industrial generator you choose, you can have peace of mind knowing it was inspected and tested by our team of experts. Navigate the generators below to find a suitable power module for your operation.

Airman generators are diesel-powered units that help worksites utilize the power they need to run with efficiency and consistency. We sell Airman generators both used and new. If you want a brand new Airman industrial generator on the jobsite, we’ll find the right addition for you. Likewise, if you need used generators, we will help you find a unit that, despite being used, will not have any performance compromises in the slightest.

Why Buy Used Airman Generators From Turnkey Industries?

Selecting used generators from Turnkey Industries is a smart decision for those in search of dependable power solutions. Airman, a well-respected brand in the generator industry, is known for its robust diesel engines that ensure long-lasting performance. Turnkey Industries specializes in offering pre-owned generators, providing a cost-effective alternative without compromising quality. Our generators are specifically lauded for their fuel efficiency, a crucial factor for businesses aiming to optimize energy consumption and operational costs. Turnkey Industries ensures that its inventory of used generators is meticulously inspected, maintained, and ready to deliver reliable power. Choosing generators through Turnkey Industries not only guarantees access to trustworthy equipment but also supports environmentally conscious practices through the inherent fuel efficiency of these diesel engines. This makes the purchase of used generators a prudent investment for those seeking both reliability and sustainability in their power solutions.

What Is The Benefit Of Buying A Used Industrial Airman Generator?

Experience dependable power solutions with the Airman generator, known for its reliability and efficiency. The Airman generator is designed to provide consistent and stable power, making it an ideal choice for various applications. Invest in the performance and quality of an Airman generator to meet your diverse energy needs with confidence. Choosing a used industrial Airman generator offers distinct advantages, especially when considering the features of its diesel engine and fuel efficiency. Airman generators are well-regarded for their robust diesel engines, which are designed to deliver reliable and consistent power in industrial settings. Opting for a used Airman generator allows businesses to access this high-quality technology at a more budget-friendly price compared to purchasing a brand-new unit. This makes it an economically savvy choice for those in need of a durable power solution that aligns with their operational requirements.

The notable benefit of buying a used industrial Airman generator lies in its commendable fuel efficiency. Airman places a strong emphasis on optimizing fuel consumption in their generators, ensuring that businesses can achieve maximum power output with minimal fuel consumption. This not only results in cost savings for operators but also reflects a commitment to environmentally conscious practices. When businesses invest in a used Airman generator through reputable dealers like Turnkey Industries, they not only acquire a dependable power source with a resilient diesel engine but also contribute to sustainable operations through enhanced fuel efficiency.

To ensure this high-quality experience, we thoroughly inspect each generator in-house once the machine arrives at TKI’s facilities to ensure all functionalities from the manufacturer. Our experts will assess the generator to guarantee that it’s ready to join your workforce. You can browse our current selection below to find Airman diesel generators below to locate a unit that will support your workload. For instance, if you only need a lower rating, such as 20kW or 40kW, you can find them below among our many machines. Moreover, we also carry these industrial-rated Airman generators in higher kW ratings like 200kW and 336kW. Given that Turnkey Industries has a selection of generators ranging up to 3,000 kW, suffice it to say that we support a diverse list of needs for worksite operations.

Another one of the critical details you can use to tailor your search among our Airman generators are the hours. As you’ll see in the list below, the hours on our generators range from new – up to 10,000 hours—it all comes down to what you require or prefer for the project at hand. When you’re ready to add a reliable generator to your jobsite, click on the listings below to learn more about each unit’s size, fuel tank capacity, and more. Then, you can reach out to our team online so we can find an Airman industrial generator capable of supporting your work during routine operations consistently.

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