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Generators are important technology that have helped many homes and businesses thrive in difficult conditions, but knowing which generator is right for you is tricky. At Turnkey Industries, we understand how difficult finding the right equipment can be. Our generator buying guide will help you find the right generator for your specific needs. Our generator FAQ will lay out the specific criteria that are most important to consider; these are the factors that will help you get the right generator for your needs.

One of the first things you need to consider when finding your generator is your power needs. Generators supply power to your business, and whether you work at a job site or your office’s headquarters, every business has different power needs. A weaker generator that can’t meet your power needs is a bad choice, so you’ll need to find a beefier generator that can handle your business’s power requirements. However, it’s important to note that the power output of the generator should roughly match your business’s energy consumption.

Most standby generator buying guides recommend getting a generator that can supply the power your business would need during a blackout. Our generator shopping guide will also recommend you consider your prime value, the power a generator can supply eight hours a day. Additionally, consider the continuous value, the amount of power a generator can supply running continuously 24/7. 

In addition to power requirements, you must decide which fuel type you want to use. Diesel is the most common choice since it is reliable, requires less maintenance, and delivers a lot of power, but diesel generators are also more expensive. Alternatively, natural gas generators can be more affordable and operate cleaner. 

A good generator buying guide, like the one here, will also tell you to consider whether you want an enclosed or open generator. These machines can be incredibly loud, and depending on the area you’re in, there may be sound limits you must account for. An open generator can be cheaper, but enclosing your generator will reduce sound pollution and potentially extend your generator’s lifespan. 

Another aspect of buying a generator that few consider early in the shopping process is location. Generators are huge pieces of machinery that are difficult to move. Find a place where you can easily power your business and refuel the generator without it getting in the way of daily operations. Many businesses will place their generators on the roof if it can structurally support the generator. 

Depending on the needs of your business, you could also opt for a used generator. Many businesses automatically go for newer generators, but at Turnkey Industries, we carefully maintain our used generators and can ensure they will produce the power you need. Come to Turnkey Industries to find the generator that works for you. The generators we offer are all in excellent working condition. We also offer a 30-day warranty, so if the generator doesn’t work for you, we’ll find you one that does! 

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