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Industrial generators for agricultural applications

Turnkey Industries specializes in agricultural generators, delivering efficient power solutions tailored to the unique needs of farms and rural operations. At Turnkey Industries, we take pride in presenting an extensive selection of top-notch industrial generators designed specifically for agricultural applications. With a broad inventory featuring renowned brands including CaterpillarMultiquipCummins, and Baldor, we guarantee that you’ll discover the ideal generator size tailored to your agricultural requirements. Our generators are meticulously crafted to deliver dependable and efficient power, ensuring seamless operations on farms and agricultural settings of any size. Rely on our comprehensive lineup and experience the ease and assurance that accompanies choosing Turnkey Industries for all your agricultural generator needs.

Powering Agricultural Advancements: Industrial Generators at the Heart of Modern Farming

In the heart of modern farming, industrial generators have become the driving force behind significant agricultural advancements. With Turnkey Industries leading the charge, these high-quality industrial generators are empowering farmers with reliable and efficient solutions, revolutionizing the way agricultural operations are conducted. These agricultural generators are designed to provide reliable and consistent power to agricultural equipment, ensuring seamless operations and productivity in farming activities.

These generators are the cornerstone of efficiency, enabling farmers to enhance productivity like never before. From powering irrigation systems to operating machinery for planting and harvesting, industrial generators ensure a consistent and uninterrupted energy supply. Gone are the days of being at the mercy of unpredictable weather or limited access to the power grid. The generators’ capacity to deliver a steady flow of electricity transforms the way farming tasks are performed, maximizing crop yields and streamlining daily operations.

Moreover, industrial generators play a vital role in overcoming the challenges faced by farmers in remote and off-grid locations. These generators offer a lifeline to agricultural communities where access to a stable power grid is limited. By bridging this crucial gap, industrial generators enable farmers to utilize advanced technologies and equipment, equipping them to compete in the modern agricultural landscape effectively.

Turnkey Industries: Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality Industrial Generators

farm generators for saleWhen it comes to sourcing high-quality industrial generators that power the future of agriculture, Turnkey Industries stands as the industry’s trusted partner. With an extensive range of cutting-edge generator solutions, Turnkey Industries enables farmers to unlock their full potential and embrace a sustainable and prosperous future.

At Turnkey Industries, farmers can find a wide selection of industrial generators tailored to their specific needs. From energy-efficient models with advanced emission control systems to generators integrated with renewable energy sources, the company’s offerings exemplify a commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

With Turnkey Industries’ expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, farmers can count on finding the perfect generator to meet their unique requirements. Whether it’s empowering small-scale farms or supporting large agricultural operations, Turnkey Industries’ high-quality industrial generators pave the way for a greener, more efficient, and more productive agricultural landscape.

Why Farms Need Backup Generators

farm power generator for saleFarms, like constructions sites and hospitals need reliable energy sources that are reliable and cost-effective. Backup generators can provide farms with the power they need to stay operational even during times of power outages. Backup generators can be used for a variety of agricultural applications, including irrigation systems, livestock feeding systems, and pumping applications. Backup generators can operate continuously to ensure that farm operations are uninterrupted during power outages, ensuring that the crops and livestock are adequately cared for. Backup generators also provide an additional layer of security, as they can be used to power lighting and security systems during a power outage. In addition, backup generators can be used to provide power for specialized agricultural equipment that may not be compatible with the power grid. Backup generators are an essential tool for any farm looking to keep operations running smoothly.

In the agricultural industry, the reliance on industrial generators, often referred to as farm generators, has become increasingly pivotal for ensuring the continuity of essential farming operations. Agricultural diesel generators, in particular, have emerged as indispensable power solutions due to their reliability and efficiency. These generators provide a consistent power supply, crucial for running irrigation systems, agricultural machinery, and maintaining climate control in greenhouses. With many farms situated in rural areas, away from centralized power grids, agricultural diesel generators offer the flexibility and autonomy required to sustain farming activities, irrespective of location. Their robust design and fuel efficiency make them ideal for the diverse and demanding power needs of the agricultural sector.

The deployment of industrial generators in agriculture extends beyond ensuring power reliability; it also plays a critical role in emergency situations. Agricultural diesel generators act as reliable backup power sources during unexpected power outages, safeguarding sensitive processes such as refrigeration for perishable goods or maintaining ventilation systems for livestock. The versatility and durability of these generators make them a vital investment for farmers, enhancing operational efficiency and contributing to the overall resilience of the agricultural industry.

How To Avoid Power Outages On A Farm With Agricultural Generators

Farms rely heavily on power to keep their operations running, so it is important to take measures to avoid power outages. To avoid power outages on a farm, make sure to invest in quality backup generators. With generators that have the power requirements high enough you can ensure the crop production has a strong yield and that your livestock has the electricity needed to run automated systems and keep basic electrical components running.

Investing in high-capacity backup generators, such as a 175 kW for medium-sized farms and a 200 kW for larger farms, is essential to meet the extensive power needs of farms, ensuring uninterrupted operation of critical equipment during outages and minimizing risks to livestock and crops with seamless power transfer capabilities.

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What Size Of Generator Is Best For The Agricultural Industry?

Determining the ideal generator size for the agricultural industry hinges on various factors, including the scale of operations and specific power demands. For larger agricultural enterprises with extensive machinery and infrastructure, opting for robust 150 kW generators could be paramount to ensuring uninterrupted power supply during peak usage periods. These generators offer ample capacity to sustain the energy needs of irrigation systems, processing equipment, and other vital operations. Conversely, smaller farms or operations with more modest power requirements may find 65 kW generators to be a cost-effective and practical solution. These generators provide sufficient power to support essential tasks while offering versatility and efficiency. Ultimately, the choice between 150 kW and 65 kW generators depends on the individual needs and scale of the agricultural operation, with careful consideration of power requirements and budget constraints guiding the decision-making process.

Tailored Sizing Solutions: Industry-Specific Generator Calculations

Ensuring optimal sizing for your projects or products is paramount, and a specialized generator tailored to your industry can be instrumental. Whether you operate in manufacturing, construction, or another sector, accurate calculations are pivotal for efficacy, cost-efficiency, and achievement. This compilation furnishes industry-specific analyses and computations, guiding you to procure the indispensable generator size for seamless operations and adherence to top-tier benchmarks.

  • Agricultural- The average size of industrial generators used in agriculture depends on the specific application. Typically 50 kW to 150 kW, this range is most common for small to medium-sized farms. Larger farms will use 175 kW to 300 kW for more extensive agricultural operations. 350 kW to 500 kW+ is for very large agricultural operations or specialized applications, such as large processing plants, extensive livestock operations, or greenhouse complexes with advanced climate control systems.
  • Oil & Gas- The oil and gas industry typically requires robust and high-capacity industrial generators due to the demanding and energy-intensive nature of its operations. 500 kW to 1,500 kW is used for drilling rigs and explorations sites require significant power to operate drilling equipment, pumps, lighting, and safety systems. Production facilities, including onshore and offshore platforms, require substantial power to operate processing equipment, compressors, and control systems require 1,000 to 3,000 kW.
  • Hotels- The average industrial size generators used for hotels generally range from 100 kW to 2,500 kW, with specific sizes depending on the hotel’s scale, amenities, and power requirements. High-capacity generators ensure that all critical systems remain operational, providing guests with a seamless and comfortable experience even during power outages.
  • Cities & Municipalities- 100 kW to 500 kW is suitable for powering essential services such as small municipal buildings, emergency shelters, police and fire stations, and community centers. For medium-sized cities they often require larger generators such as 600 kW to 2,000 kW. Large cities with significant infrastructure and higher population densities require 3,000 kW or higher.


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