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People often ask how and where they can find a place to buy used industrial diesel generators for sale. At Turnkey Industries, we buy and sell diesel generators for commercial use. Consumers have access to an extensive category of diesel power equipment at Turnkey Industries. Ideally, a low-hour used diesel generator set can compete with a new one. When you commit to a thorough selection process, you will get a great used diesel generator that checks all the boxes. At Turnkey Industries, we subject our used diesel generators to a rigorous inspection procedure. We cross-check critical parts of the generator, such as the style of use, number of active hours, maintenance and repair records, EPA details, and manufacturing date.

Reasons for Buying Used Diesel Generators For Sale

You may wonder why you need a supporting electricity source when the national grid is still functional. With the advancements in technology and power requirements of electrical gadgets, utility systems are experiencing massive stress. They support more loads than necessary, and electricity outages are common. At such points, activities grind to a halt. Liabilities may start to rise, especially when you cannot turn around your inventory. Moreover, natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes often disrupt electricity generation and distribution in entire communities.

It is smart to have a backup generator such as a portable diesel generator set that can consistently deliver under unexpected circumstances. A commercial diesel generator can give you complete control over your operations and ensure your normal activities do not get disturbed.  Diesel generators are great for primary power sources or as backup power sources in areas with no access to electricity.

Factors to Consider to Buy Used Diesel Generators For Sale

You made an excellent choice to buy a high-quality used diesel commercial generator for sale. It’s essential to examine the package before purchasing to ensure you get an amazing deal. For example, you may need a generator with a specific kw to power your site/building. Check out the following criteria for more information about what to consider when looking for used industrial diesel generators for sale. 

Authorized Generator Installer

After purchase, how would you install the power equipment in your organization? You can request installation services from Turnkey Industries or find someone close to your company. Meanwhile, consider the financial implications of both options and choose what works best for you.

Setup Space Consideration

Is the available space adequate for the generator? If the proposed area is smaller, you can switch to a smaller generator or create a larger platform. Also, you may need to implement fire and safety requirements. If the area is prone to flooding, you’ll want to choose a different location.

Rate and Expertise of Maintenance

Depending on the capacity of a generator, you can determine its frequency of maintenance. An engine that requires a lot of corrective maintenance will quickly drain your budget. You should also make sure that there are authorized repair technicians in your area.

Benefits of Buying Used Commercial Diesel Generators For Sale

Industrial diesel and even diesel portable generators are essential power solutions for businesses that require reliable and efficient electricity in remote locations or during power outages. These generators are designed to be highly durable and capable of providing a consistent power supply for extended periods. In the context of emergency backup, having a reliable power generator is crucial, and opting for a used diesel generator allows businesses and individuals to acquire a robust and proven solution.  Powered by diesel engines, they offer excellent fuel efficiency and are capable of delivering high power output to meet the demands of heavy-duty industrial applications. Some benefits of diesel generators are: 

  • Diesel burns efficiently. Diesel has huge carbon content and a high boiling point. It burns slowly, releasing its energy in an environmentally friendly manner. Climate change activists encourage the use of diesel because it is less harmful to the ozone layer. Compared to gasoline, it is fuel efficient and rarely runs out because it uses high compression to ignite the air within its cylinders.
  • Diesel generators often last longer than their counterparts that use other fuel sources. Thanks to their sophisticated structure, they can withstand years of continuous use.
  • Diesel generators are versatile. Among other industrial units, they have applications in almost any field. For instance, you can use them for construction, rock crushing, data centers, mining, and many other industries that require heavy electricity provision.
  • Diesel generators require less maintenance. The number of moving parts in a diesel engine is significantly fewer than those in its gasoline-equivalent. For example, there are no spark plugs and distribution devices. You only have to focus on the larger components. The construction materials are durable, so they will last a long time.
  • Higher torque and horsepower. Torque refers to the rotation of the engine’s shaft that produces energy. Horsepower is the energy generated that drives the unit and gives electricity. Diesel generators produce significant torque and horsepower that result in more work.

How to Maintain your Used Diesel Generator for Optimal Performance

Used diesel generators need regular periodic maintenance. There are two approaches to this – outsourcing or having an internal maintenance team. Outsourcing relieves you of the nitty-gritty of repair. As a company, you can focus on your core value proposition and serving your clients. The contracted firm will determine the personnel, tools, and equipment requirements. However, it will reflect in your monthly or quarterly budget, depending on the frequency of maintenance. If you have a small staff, this option is advisable. The other option is to employ a technician to monitor and maintain your generator unit daily. You have to purchase the needed tools and equipment to get the job done. Also, you may need to invest in training for the staff. Some of the tasks include replacing filters and other consumables, performing load tests, and ensuring the fluids stay at recommended levels.
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