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Our knowledgable team prides itself in having a large inventory of 25 kW to 4,500 kW industrial generator brands that power a wide range of industries including hospitals, construction sites, airports, farm/agriculture and more. At in point in your journey you need help, please ask us a question.

Clint Hardy Industrial Generators For Sale In Texas

Clint Hardy


Clint is the Founder and President of Turnkey Industries (TKI), founded in 2013. He graduated from Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, majoring in Marketing and Program for Excellence in Selling. Clint grew up in Kingwood, Texas, and resides in the North Houston area with his wife Tara and baby boy, Max.

The first seven years of Turnkey was a one-man show until Clint began expanding the team in 2020 to where it is now. He now leads a small, but mighty team based out of Houston, Texas.

Clint values keeping his team within the Houston area as it provides the opportunity to be inclusive and connect with his team personally. Staying connected within Houston also allows the team to get together over good food and lots of laughs.

A driven and focused work culture is important for Clint, but not without the light-hearted, caring, and goofy personalities that balance out the daily workloads. Clint believes having the input of each unique personality is key to cultivating a tightly-knit team where everyone is striving for greatness, together. He truly believes the success of Turnkey Industries is a team effort. 

When Clint isn’t driving across town handling parts or answering calls, you can find him trying new restaurants around town or at home cooking barbeque. As an avid hunter, he enjoys waterfowl hunting in Texas, mule, deer, and elk hunting in Colorado, as well as an annual duck hunt in Oklahoma. After a successful hunt, the most exciting part for Clint is to come home and test out different wild game recipes. 

Industrial Generator Sales Specialist Jake Brown Of Turnkey Industries

Jake Brown

Sales Associate 

Jake is one of the Sales Associates at Turnkey Industries. He graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor’s and Masters’s degree.

Jake leads his customer interactions with honesty and transparency so that they’re empowered to make an informed purchasing decision. He also values building relationships with his customers, so that they feel comfortable and confident in conducting business with TKI.

“The sky is the limit for us and it’s an honor to be a part of it.”, Jake said when he was asked about the work he enjoys at TKI. He values being a big part of a growing company and appreciates the family-oriented, laid-back, and free-flowing culture. His role at TKI provides him with the opportunity to further develop himself as an individual, and also be able to spend more time with his family while working from home.

“I enjoy spending time with my family, hunting, working around the house, and completing any projects my wife comes up to do around the house.” As a husband and father of three, Jake stays pretty busy. When he does take time to relax, he enjoys unwinding at home and an occasional tropical vacation with his family.

Industrial Generators For Sale - Patrick Gardner

Patrick Gardner 

Sales Associate

In May 2022, Patrick joined the quickly growing Turnkey team as a Sales Associate. His prior sales experience at Monk Engineering focused on selling custom-engineered equipment to end-users and EPCs in the refining and petrochemical industries.

Patrick grew up on the Northeast side of Houston in Kingwood. He completed his bachelor’s degree from Midwestern State University where he also played football.

If Patrick is not spending time with his wife and three kids you can find him on the water or in the woods. He is a licensed fishing guide out of Matagorda where he focuses on wade fishing with artificial lures for trophy-speckled trout.

Industrial Generator Sales Specialist

Kaylee Miller 

Administrative Director 

Kaylee was the first employee hired to work for Clint and took on many hats at the start while continuing to do so. As the Administrative Director, Kaylee takes care of accounts payable, project management for the website and company systems/processes, as well as freight coordination for all inbound and outbound units. Despite wearing so many hats, Kaylee keeps our vendors and customers in mind to ensure things are moving quickly and efficiently.

Before joining Turnkey, Kaylee was a Pastry Chef at several fine dining restaurants in California. The meticulous detail required to work in a professional kitchen translated to her work at Turnkey, being meticulous about our books, website, and streamlining company workflows.

Kaylee finds fulfillment in working for Turnkey because she’s been an integral part of the company’s expansion. She also enjoys being able to work from home because it gives her a flexible work-life balance.

Kaylee grew up in Spring, Texas, but has lived in San Antonio, Napa, and New Zealand. She now lives in Houston so she can be closer to family. She enjoys traveling, trying new restaurant experiences, and exploring the backcountry. At home, she tends to her 35+ indoor plants and spends lots of time with her boyfriend and family. Some of her favorite adventures include exploring Marfa, Texas, and Paris, France. 

Traci Messina - Industrial Generator Inventory Specialist

Traci Messina 

Inventory Manager

At Turnkey Industries, we pride ourselves on offering transparent and abundant information to our customers via our website generator listings. This is where Traci shines, working as our Inventory Manager. Traci interacts mostly with our internal team and vendors. Her responsibility within the company is to ensure our website and third-party generator listings accurately reflect the specifications, condition, history, and photos of our diesel and natural gas generators. By producing accurate and informative product listings, Traci’s skillset brings value to our team and our customers.

Traci has been a part of the Houston community since coming from a small town in Illinois when she was eight. She loves how her neighborhood near the 610 loop has a small-town feel while still being a part of the big city! Traci has worked in the energy and technology industries for over 20 years. She enjoys learning about technology and how it can help us accomplish our jobs in an agile working environment. Traci appreciates how Turnkey Industries values employee contributions, respects each team member and understands the need for a balanced work-life. While continuing to excel at Turnkey, Traci will be graduating with her Bachelor of Business Information Systems at the University of Arizona Global Campus in March 2023.

When Traci is not working or attending school, she enjoys hanging out with her kids, traveling, cooking, exercising, and reading fiction books. Her big heart shows when she is fostering or helping animals in need through several local neighborhood rescues.

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