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You should feel confident about your equipment before installing it for your workplace needs, which is why we seek out reputable generator manufacturers. Below, you can find a list discussing all the brands we offer generators from; that way, you can learn more about the industry leaders today.

Plus, you can click on the designated link below each of the generator manufacturers on this page to browse our available hardware from these brands right now. Whether you have a personal preference or simply want to look at brands that you’re unfamiliar with, you can start your search at Turnkey Industries. Our generator suppliers include Cummins, Kohler, Olympian, Baldor, and many more.



CAT is the flagship brand under Caterpillar which is a top leader in the industry, manufacturing diesel generators, engines, and other industrial equipment. With 80 years of experience under their belt, they continually produce high-quality, and reliable engines and generators while keeping up with the latest electronics. CAT generators deliver the highest performance, operate safely, produce low emissions and have a simplified operator interface. When you choose CAT, you know you are getting quality and reliability from a company who has top notch parts and service.



Multiquip Whisperwatt generators are a leader in durable, reliable, portable power. They are built to withstand the toughest jobs with features like heavy-duty steel housing, a patented open delta winding, and an automatic voltage regulator. Multiquip generators provide unmatched reliability in portable power that range in size from 6 kW to 600 kVA. Whisperwatt generators are equipped with just about every control and convenience feature imaginable, accompanying both the single and three-phase generators.



Cummins is a world leader in standby and prime power generation equipment. They have an integrated approach by designing and manufacturing all major components, engines, alternators and control systems. This approach in building power generation ensures all of their equipment works in a harmonious manor. Cummins has a global reputation for their trailer mounted, mobile power equipment that delivers reliable power wherever you need it. Cummins power systems was one of the first manufacturers to introduce EPA Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 generators on to the market, staying up to date with regulations. 



Doosan offers some of the most robust, rugged, and easy-to-use generators on the market. They offer a full range of trailer mounted portable generators from 25 – 570 kVA. With Doosan’s simple control panels and EPA certifications for fuel efficiency and sound levels, you can set it and forget it so you can focus on getting the job done. All of their mobile generators come equipped with the standard three position voltage selector switch or link board panel to protect from unauthorized access and will shut the machine down to prevent switching during operation. Doosan’s mobile generators feature skid base frames with integrated high-capacity fuel tanks providing a full load run time of at least 24 hours. The base frames also protect the environment by preventing spillage of fuel or oil outside of the package.

Hipower Systems


Hipower Systems specializes in manufacturing quality and affordable generators predominately for the North American market. HIPOWER specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of diesel and spark-ignited standby and mobile generator sets from 20 to 2000 kWe. All of the standby and mobile product-lines sold in the North American market is proudly designed, engineered, prototyped, and produced in Olathe, Kansas.

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Magnum Products was founded in 1988 and have continued to supply powerful, high-quality, and durable heavy-duty mobile generators. Magnum generators are manufactured to last through extreme conditions which is perfect for a variety of industries including road and commercial construction, construction rental, electricians, mechanics, government and military, and special events. Whatever your needs, Magnum has the power equipment to meet them when and wherever you need it. You can understand their reliability when knowing the United States government relies on Magnum generators to power critical areas like the Pentagon and military bases around the globe.

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco QAS generators were designed specifically for the needs of the US market. With a range from 25 to 625 kVA and unbeatable voltage and amperage capacities, Atlas Copco generators allow users from different fields to use the same generator for an ample variety of jobs. All parts of the generator are carefully selected and tested together to produce constant power with minimal downtime. The generators have a streamlined design for quick and easy access whenever any maintenance needs to be done, which makes it easy on technicians or your in-house maintenance team.



Kohler is a private, family-owned company that provides reliable and revolutionary engines and generators. After building the first modern-day generator, Kohler power was used during the historic South Pole expedition, World War II, and on Hollywood movie sets. Through their rich and extensive history, Kohler has become one of the world’s largest generator manufactures. In 2012, they created the world’s first Tier 4 diesel engine (KOHLER Diesel KDI) without a DPF, which won “Diesel of the Year” award. Kohler diesel portable generators are known for their compact size, maximum power, and low operating cost.

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Olympian generator sets are packaged simple and are priced competitively. With an affordable cost, Olympian generators do not lack in quality. They are manufactured with CAT parts which preform at Caterpillar’s world class standards. These generators are ideal for every business and every need as they deliver reliable, economical power and have highly efficient fuel consumption. Olympian generators are tested well over 100% of it’s load, so they are guaranteed to preform at their prime power fully.

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Baldor equipment is no longer manufactured under the Baldor brand since it was purchased by Generac in 2013. It is no longer possible to purchase a new Baldor generator set but there are still many pre-owned Baldor generator sets available that live up to the original manufacturing standards. The Baldor alternator was designed and manufactured to fit numerous engine designs including Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Isuzu, John Deere, and Kubota. This large variety of engines in the Baldor generator sets provided a wide variety of options. These trailer mounted generators were engineered for industrial, commercial, and rental applications that require quiet operation, superior reliability, and enclosures to withstand harsh environments. You will find pre-owned Baldor portable generators from 20 – 400 kW. 


Altorfer Power Systems

Altorfer is based in Illinois and is a leader in the CAT dealer network. They are a go-to source for commercial and industrial generators delivering the legendary reliability of CAT equipment. Altorfer Power Systems is a member of the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA), the world’s largest organization exclusively dedicated to On-Site Power Generation. They have been manufacturing generators under the APS line since 1986, powering job sites, oil fields, and municipalities. APS diesel generator sets range in size from 60kW to 2,000kW.

Airman Logo


The Airman brand has been around for nearly 100 years. If you’ve used Airman generators before, then you know they are a portable generator manufacturer you can trust to develop reliable power generating systems, among many more machines.

For first-time buyers, you will see upon installation exactly why the Airman brand has been around for many decades and will likely be around to see its 100th birthday. If Airman is the power generator manufacturer you want to rely on for your next trailer-mounted unit, browse the many options available at Turnkey Industries right now.

Airman Generators are known for being the units with the best value AND highest quality on the market. Premium builds and features are standard in Airman machines, including 110% containment on all generators, and oversized generator ends with Class F installation.

Airman Generators have the highest reliability in the industry, having a .001 Warranty claim rate of total revenue. This is the lowest claim rate in the generator industry! This means less down-time for crucial emergency needs. At Turnkey Industries, we will ensure that you get the best quality generators and sales support in the industry!

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