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    Factors to Consider When Selling Used Industrial Generators

    There are many options out there, but Turnkey industries is the best choice for selling your used generator set. The process is simple, and you will receive payment quickly.

    Reasons for Selling Your Used Industrial Generators

    • Going out of business. If your business is about to close, it makes sense to sell the remaining assets.
    • Low power output. After years of continuous usage, your generator’s capacity may decrease. For instance, its power may drop below 75%. If you have significant loads, this output may be insufficient to operate optimally.
    • Need funds quickly. With our competitive quotes and straightforward purchasing process, you can sell your generator to Turnkey Industries quickly with no hassle.

    How to Sell Used Industrial Generators

    Below is information to include about your generator set.

    Personal Information

    • Title and name of the seller. This section tells us either the owner or the person assigned to sell it.
    • Contact details. For correspondence purposes, you will need to include your email address and phone number.

    Suggested Details

    • How long have you been using it? We need to ascertain the current condition to determine the right refurbishing processes.
    • Reasons for selling
    • Images. We need two high-quality pictures that show the current state of the generator.
    • Manufacturer information. What type of brand is it – Caterpillar, Multiquip, Kohler, Cummins, etc. We specialize in a broad range of power plants.
    • Engine model
    • RPM. This refers to the revolutions of your machine per minute, which could range from 1,200 to 1,800. It is a measure of the engine speed and/or frequency.

    Pictures Convey More Information

    Images will tell us valuable information about your generator. Take many pictures to showcase different aspects and perspectives of the generator. Some of the essential parts are:

    • Data tag containing engine information
    • The odometer to capture the number of operational hours of the generating set
    • If it has an enclosure, snap the equipment in it.
    • The equipment alone, without the enclosure
    • Name of the manufacturer
    • The control devices such as transfer switch, battery enclosure, ON/OFF buttons, and alarms
    • Accessories, such as rubber pads, skids, and trailer

    Things Turnkey Considers

    When offering a quote for your used generator, here are some details we consider:

    • Mode of usage. Was it the main power source or just a backup?
    • Number of previous owners.
    • Previous repairs.
    • Fuel types. Does the generator run on diesel or natural gas?

    Contact us today with any questions you have about selling your used generator, and one of our representatives will reach out to you!

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