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Turnkey Industries has industrial generators for sale ranging from 20kW to 2,000 kW. Below, you can find our used models currently available for purchase. If you want more efficient and competitively priced power equipment, you should buy a used industrial generator. At Turnkey Industries, our low-hour used industrial generators for sale have all the features and functionalities of their new counterparts. Our used industrial generators online come from many quality brands in the industry that include Caterpillar, Cummins, Multiquip, and more. Moreover, we have a broad range of equipment to cover your diverse needs. We implement a rapid turnaround and fulfillment policy in all parts of the country. Click on the industrial generators for sale below to find the best machine for your worksite right now.

Benefits When You Buy Used Industrial Generators for Sale

  • They provide prolonged hours of electricity supply, either as the primary power source or an auxiliary. During power outages, you can rely on them to protect your electrical appliances and ensure the smooth running of your operations.
  • They usually have significant capacities that can cover a large expanse of land. They are perfect for critical businesses, like hospitals, construction sites, manufacturing factories, and extensive warehouses.
  • You can protect large volumes of stock from going to waste. Whether you run a warehouse with cold rooms, hospitality outlets, or a medical services unit, industrial generators can help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Better still, they can preserve lives during a sudden power outage.
  • They are durable. The materials used for constructing industrial generators are sturdy. They can withstand wear, tear, and inclement weather conditions. With proper maintenance practices, your used electrical equipment can last a long time.
  • They provide convenience and confidence for workers and employers. Emergencies may threaten the livelihood of your employees, especially if they get paid per job done. However, with an industrial generator, you give complete assurance of zero operational disruption to your employees.

Limitations When You Buy Used Industrial Generators for Sale

  • Release of air pollutants to the environment. Depending on the type of fuel your industrial generator uses, there are varying degrees of toxic emissions to the surrounding area. Some of these include fumes, smoke, soot, and carbon dioxide, which contribute to ozone depletion. These pollutants may trigger allergies and other health issues for people living nearby.
  • Substantial upfront costs. You often need a significant budget to purchase an industrial generator. Also, you need to pay for housing, a holding platform, transportation, and installation. These costs can be prohibitive at the outset. However, they offer suitable returns on investment over time.
  • Industrial generators are prone to disruption. During inclement weather, such as storms and tornadoes, getting fuel may become difficult. To prevent possible problems, you may keep a reasonable amount of fuel in a safe reservoir.

When is the Best Period to Buy a Used Industrial Generator for Sale?

When some of our clients ask us this question, our response is always the same. Begin the process long before it becomes urgent. It is essential to find a great generator and negotiate a good deal. If you are short on time, you won’t be able to do due diligence on the seller or the electrical equipment. You should know that there is hardly a specific season for selling or buying these industrial units. There will always be an industrial generator for you. However, to maximize your time, effort, and resources, you should schedule your scouting activities weeks in advance.

Moreover, you need to find a replacement for a faulty component or unit before it breaks down completely. Doing this will minimize operational downtime and increase efficiency. Imagine you have to wait for several hours until the replacement parts or a refurbished generator set arrives. You may lose some inventory and render your employees inactive. Besides, you can browse our product catalog to see the different brands, sizes, and categories that we offer. If you have a special request, the Turnkey Industries team is ready to help immediately.  You can send an email or call our customer service representative.

Factors to Consider to Buy Used Industrial Generators for Sale

Before you purchase a piece of electrical equipment, you need to determine your power needs and expected size.

Your Power Needs

Some generators can supply only a single phase, 120-volts power, whereas others can provide three-phase, 480-volts power. When you are clear about your needs, you can determine the size of the engine and its projected output. Besides, there are sizes and engine types as low as 20 kW and 150 HP and as high as 2,500 kW and 4,000 HP, respectively. The higher your needs, the more you will pay.

Calculating your Power Requirements

To do this, you need a list of all your electrical appliances, gadgets, and equipment, their current and voltage ratings, and their energy demands in kilowatts. Add these numbers together to obtain your total energy requirements.

Take note of machines that incorporate compressors or electric motors because they require a substantial amount of energy to start than to keep working. If you neglect this while calculating, you may place an extra load on your generator. Add at least 20% to your total energy requirements.

Use our power calculators or give us a call!

Popular Brands of Used Industrial Generators for Sale

These are some of the major manufacturers of industrial power units.

  • Caterpillar. This is one of the most popular manufacturers of industrial generators worldwide. Their machinery is reputable for minimal fuel consumption, superior efficiency, and compliance with international emission regulations and standards. Moreover, there are varying sizes from 25 kW to 2,500 kW. We stock the CAT 3516, CAT 3516C HD, and CAT C15, C18, C27, AND C32.
  • Cummins. Cummins produces multiple integrated power solutions ranging from engines to control systems. Their generators are commonplace in heavily-powered areas like hospitals, construction, mining, and data industries. They have a dealership network of about 8,000 people in over 190 countries. Their products also come with an extended warranty, and they are available in diesel and natural gas models.
  • Kohler.  As another manufacturing giant, they offer innovative solutions to track your generator performance in real-time. Since 1920, they have pushed the limits in electricity generation. With their fluid analysis program, you can see your battery, air, and fluid levels without any hassle. It also allows you to identify problems before they become too big to handle. Some of their popular generator sizes include KG 80, KG 100, and KG 125. Available sizes range from 25 kW to 4,500 kW.
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