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3 Quick Facts About Generator Control Panels

3 Quick Facts About Generator Control Panels

Generators are robust pieces of machinery that convert kinetic energy from engines into electrical power. This equipment is incredibly useful in situations where electricity is scarce or inconsistent, proving it to be a reliable solution during emergencies.

While their function seems straightforward, the number of business owners that struggle to use their generators to their advantage is overwhelming! As modern generators incorporate advanced technology to ensure an improved operation, it helps to know how all components work with one another.

The trick to getting to know your generator and using it to its full potential involves understanding its control panel! As the unit’s user interface, control panels monitor power equipment to indicate the machine’s current state and alert the user when any changes are necessary.

In this article, you’ll learn three quick facts about generator control panels and their benefits.

Generator Control Panels Monitor System Diagnostics

Control panels are the central hub responsible for a generator’s operation. This essential component allows operators to control power machinery while monitoring system diagnostics and overall functions. Given their robust build, generators are similar to all types of heavy equipment that experience overheating, general wear and tear, and engine fatigue.

By having a control panel, operators can remain aware of critical functions like oil pressure, coolant temperature, and shutdown events that require servicing.

Generator Control Panels Work With Automatic Transfer Switches

A generator control panel often works in conjunction with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). This component jumpstarts the generator’s operation within seconds of detected power loss due to an emergency. After restoring power from the main grid, the generator shuts off, continuing its energy supply as usual.

Without an ATS, you may require staff to manually operate the generator’s control panel to run machinery during an outage. Failure to shut off equipment after power restoration can result in back feeding that can severely injure electricians repairing power lines.

Generator Control Panels Offer Various Benefits

Generator control panels provide plenty of benefits that enhance a generator’s basic function. Below are some of the most notable advantages.

Increased Efficiency

Control panels can help generator units run more efficiently and extend their lifespan.

Improved Safety

Control panels monitor operation and identify areas for opportunity, repair, and service, ensuring that units remain safe while in use.

Enhanced Reliability

The user interface can also perform event analysis that can provide insight into how to make your generator more reliable and eliminate operating errors.

Almost all industrial generators come with a user interface designed by their manufacturer. By learning facts about generator control panels, you can operate power units efficiently to serve your business!

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