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3 Reasons To Buy a Trailer-Mounted Generator

3 Reasons To Buy a Trailer-Mounted Generator

Power generators are essential for a wide range of industries. Suffice it to say, electricity is vital in today’s workplace, from hospitals to construction sites to manufacturing facilities and beyond. One of the most helpful power options is trailer-mounted units, but why? Check out these three reasons to buy a trailer-mounted generator to learn what benefits they can bring to the jobsite.

Consistency and Reliability

When it comes to trailer-mounted generators, you can rent or buy them. Therefore, let’s focus on the “buy” factor right now. Why would you want to permanently add one of the titular generators to your workforce? After all, caring for machines like these requires maintenance and storage, so why go through all the effort? If you want a generator that is portable but provides a consistent type of power and overall experience, investing in your own trailer-mounted unit can be helpful.

When accommodating vastly different power needs between jobsites isn’t a concern for you, the consistency of a single unit will come in handy. Instead of buying or renting a new generator routinely, you can rely on one to do the job while being easy to remove afterward.

Convenient Portability

Some power generators are for permanent use, but not everyone requires such long-term energy usage. For example, portability is essential for a generator when you need to power equipment on a jobsite for a set amount of time. Thankfully, that’s precisely where the titular equipment comes in handy. As the name suggests, a trailer-mounted generator attaches to a vehicle. Thus, you can easily remove it after completing a job and store it until you need it next.

Diverse Options

Although you can store a generator for later use, not all jobs require the same power requirements. Thus, one of the top reasons to buy a trailer-mounted generator is that the power options are diverse enough to accommodate many needs.

You might assume your work requirements are too specific for a trailer-mounted generator to meet, but that’s not always the case. For example, at Turnkey Industries, our trailer-mounted generators range from 35 kW to 3,000 kW. If portability and power are essential for your jobsite, browse the available trailer-mounted options to see if one meets your specifications. So whether you’re powering an event or a worksite, you can start browsing the options available today with more clarity.

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