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At Turnkey Industries, we help customers find high-power generators that best meet their specific work site needs. You might not expect industrial generators to be so broad, but they can be. Hipower backup generators are powerful and dependable for on-site backup power. These powerful generators cover energy to the rental, mining, construction, oil and gas, and many more industries.  You can see this firsthand from our high-quality Hipower generators below. These units are available with various hours, kW capacities, emissions ratings, and more key details. That way, you can easily compare used generators for sale to find one that meets your workplace needs the best. Check out everything from 250 kw Hipower generators to 100 kw generators and to our 44 kw generators.

One crucial detail that remains true for all our generators—including Hipower models such as 250 kw Hipower generators and 275 kw generators —is that each is carefully tested and inspected for quality assurance. Check out our Hipower diesel generators online whenever you need a convenient, consistent power generator. We have the largest inventory of used trailer-mounted high-powered generators ready to be shipped across America.

Hipower Industrial Generators

Turnkey Industries has a wide variety of industrial generators for various industries, environments, and scenarios where reliable sources of electricity are needed. Construction sites often require a temporary power source for running tools such as drills, saws, and powering site trailers, lights, and other essential equipment. Our industrial-rated generators come in a wide range, such as 35 kW Hipower generators to 2500 kW generators, and more.

Investing in a Hipower backup generator offers many benefits, especially in situations where a consistent and reliable power source is crucial. Hipower backup generators ensure that any critical systems and appliances continue to operate seamlessly during power outages. With Hipower backup generators, your business can continue operating and avoid any computer and communications interruptions, protect data that could be lost due to power outages, keep climate control in extreme environments, ensure that your security systems are running, and much more. Hipower backup generators are capable of supplying a large amount of electrical power, making the Hipower backup generators suitable for various applications such as industrial facilities, commercial buildings, data centers, hospitals, and critical infrastructure.

Power interruptions of any duration, whether a few minutes or more, can create difficulties for businesses, industrial operations, and individuals alike. In some cases, these moments of loss can even be life-threatening. As weather-related disasters and power grid failures become difficult to avoid, Hipower generators has emerged as a reliable standby generator and ensuring consistent power continuity.

Why Buy Hipower Generators From Turnkey Industries

Turnkey Industries is your source for top of the line and high-quality Hipower generators. Our generators meet and exceed the highest industry standards and provide you with reliable and safe power solutions. Whether you’re looking for a generator to provide emergency power or simply need a reliable source of power for your business, Turnkey Industries’ Hipower generators are the perfect choice. Our generators are available in both diesel and natural gas models, and they are capable of producing up to 150KW of power at a time. With a wide variety of sizes and models available, we are sure to have the perfect generator for your needs. With Turnkey Industries, you can trust that you are getting the highest quality generator backed by a 30 day warranty.

35 kw generators to 2500 kw Hipower generators provide reliable energy for your business. Whether you operate a small business or a large industrial facility, having a reliable source of power is essential for keeping your operations running smoothly. With a wide range of generator options available, from 35 kw to 2500 kw, you can find the perfect solution for your specific energy needs. These generators are designed to provide efficient and dependable power, ensuring uninterrupted operation even during power outages or emergencies. Equipped with advanced technology and built to withstand rigorous conditions, these generators offer a reliable and cost-effective energy solution for your business. Invest in a generator that delivers the power and reliability you need to keep your business running.

What Can A 30 kw Hipower Generator Power?

A 30 kW Hipower generator proves to be a versatile and reliable power solution capable of meeting the demands of both commercial and industrial sectors. Hipower systems are known for their cutting-edge technology and efficiency, and the 30 kW capacity offers a substantial power supply for a range of applications. In the commercial sector, this generator is well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses, providing a dependable source of power to support essential operations, including lighting, heating, and electronic equipment. In the industrial sector, the 30 kW Hipower generator is adept at powering machinery, equipment, and other critical components, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and production. Its compact design and advanced features make it a valuable asset for businesses seeking a reliable and efficient power solution tailored to their specific commercial and industrial needs.

A 30 kW Hipower Generator is capable of powering a wide range of equipment and appliances. With its robust power output, it is suitable for powering small to medium-sized businesses, construction sites, and outdoor events. This generator can also handle power tools, pumps, and machinery. It provides a reliable power source in case of emergencies, ensuring uninterrupted operation of critical systems like medical equipment, communication devices, and security systems. Overall, the 30 kW Generator offers versatility and ample power to meet various commercial, and industrial needs.

Why Invest In a Hipower Backup Generator?

Investing in a Hipower backup generator is a wise decision for several reasons. First and foremost, it ensures uninterrupted power supply during unforeseen blackouts or natural disasters, allowing you to continue with your daily activities without disruption. Additionally, a Hipower backup generator provides peace of mind by safeguarding essential appliances and equipment, preventing costly damages due to power surges. These generators are also known for their durability and reliability, guaranteeing long-term usage and minimal maintenance. Moreover, they are fuel-efficient, designed to provide maximum power output while consuming less fuel, resulting in cost savings. Whether you are a business owner, or outdoor enthusiast, investing in a Hipower backup generator is a smart choice to protect yourself from power outages and enjoy a reliable power source whenever and wherever you need it.

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