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5 Myths About Used Commercial Generators Debunked

5 Myths About Used Commercial Generators Debunked

To say that generators are vital pieces of equipment is an understatement. These units are robust systems with enough power to keep facilities and buildings operating without the slightest hiccup.

However, when it comes down to it, there’s an ongoing debate on whether buying a new unit is the play or whether it’s worth acquiring a used alternative with the same functionality.

While purchasing items fresh out of the box is always the most appealing answer, we’re here to tell you that used commercial units are worth the purchase, too. Here are five myths about used commercial generators debunked.

You Shouldn’t Buy Used Generators

As their most prominent claim, many people will try to convince you that used power units aren’t worth investing in. They were in previous ownership, meaning they saw wear and tear, and you’ll never know the extent of the damage.

While it’s no doubt that commercial units were in previous ownership, the process between buyer and supplier involves repairing so that the next owner has a shiny, mostly-new unit that’s ready for use.

Used Generators Require More Maintenance Than New Units

Apart from the accumulated usage hours, used commercial units aren’t much different from new machinery. At minimum, backup power units, regardless of their condition, require one visit to assess that all components are working efficiently to support operation.

Used Power Units Are More Prone To Failure

Another false claim is that used power units are just as prone to failure as newer generators. However, you won’t have to worry about system failures if you track a maintenance schedule that includes oil changes, filter swaps, and other fine-tunings to ensure your machinery lasts a good while.

The Amount of Paperwork Remains the Same

Any paperwork is tedious to complete; however, acquiring a new energy-supplying unit requires more documents and channels to file versus buying a used alternative. The paperwork and filing stage is significantly less involved, allowing you to get your generator faster.

Used Generators Are Harder To Find

Finally, used generators are easier to find than newer units! In today’s market, new equipment can be hard to find and, if not readily available, can create a domino effect of inconveniences. Conversely, used generators are always available and can help you save on upfront costs.

With the number of claims surrounding used generators, there’s no wonder these units remain shrouded in disapproval! However, by debunking these five myths about used commercial generators, we hope to provide you with enough knowledge to make an informed decision for your business.

Used electricity-generating commercial equipment is no stranger to us at Turnkey Industries. We have used tow behind generators for sale and specialize in maintenance and repair. We’re a partner you can trust to ensure you’re acquiring top-of-the-line equipment for your powering needs. Check out our inventory through our website today!

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