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5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Generator

5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Generator

An effective backup power plan is vital to your facility’s operation in times of emergency. Regardless of the unit you own, generators don’t last forever. But how do you determine when to buy a new one?

Here are five signs it’s time to replace your commercial generator:

Repairs Become More Frequent

Yearly inspections and repairs are standard as your commercial generator ages. However, an efficient backup power system should never require several service visits outside the annual assessment. If your unit needs extra repairs, it can run the risk of failing when you need it most.

The Unit Uses More Fuel Over Time

While every generator is different, each unit has its ideal workload-to-fuel-consumption level. The older a commercial power unit gets, the more fuel it may require to operate due to the wear and tear accumulated over time.

Unfortunately, your generator can only undergo so many repairs before you have to replace the entire machine.

Your Generator Takes More Time To Start

Your generator may be in bad shape if it takes more effort to start—this is one of the first signs of a machine breakdown. Performance inconsistencies, including start-up failures and inefficient power supply, can signal that your generator is reaching the end of its life.

It Reached Its Maximum Hour Limit

If your backup power unit shows more issues and inconsistencies, you’ll want to check the machine’s hourly limit.

Generators have a maximum number of hours to operate before breakdowns and deterioration happen. You can refer to your manual to determine its hour threshold.

Carbon Monoxide Emissions Increase

Older generators reaching the end of their service lives may emit more carbon monoxide emissions than newer units.

It would help to monitor machinery with a carbon monoxide detector so you can assess levels for fluctuations. These devices may provide accurate readings and sound off if emission levels are too high.

While it may be time to replace your commercial generator, you can rest assured knowing it’s a relatively straightforward process. When selling old equipment, consider Turnkey Industries as your go-to partner. With the help of our technicians, we buy and sell diesel generators and conduct thorough processes to ensure machinery produces power when needed most.

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