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Are Camlock Connection Boxes or Docking Stations Better For Industrial Generators?

Are Camlock Connection Boxes or Docking Stations Better For Industrial Generators?

When your power fails and you want to get back online as soon as possible, what are your options? If you don’t have a standby generator installed at your home or business, you’ll need a portable generator, a transfer switch, and a temporary generator connection like a cam lock connection box or a generator docking station.

What Is A Temporary Generator Connection?

A temporary power box provides a secure connection between a generator and a building’s main power line. These power boxes are typically connected to a manual transfer switch, which allows you to switch a building’s main circuits between utility power and generator power. If you do not have a standby or backup generator installed at your facility, a temporary generator connection allows you to quickly and easily connect a portable generator during a power outage.

Temporary Connection Solutions For Generators

There are two main types of temporary connection solutions for portable generators. They are cam lock connections for generators and a generator docking station. Both are good options for connecting a portable generator in an emergency situation. A reliable generator retailer can help you determine which option best suits your needs.

  • Cam lock connections for generators – cam lock power cables allow for the quick and easy connection of a temporary power system, using a simple plug and receptacle pairing system that connects generators and tap boxes with no room for error. These connection boxes are available either with cam locks installed on the bottom of the connection box or inside the box to connect to your internal electrical system. These portable boxes are good solutions for smaller temporary power connections ranging from 400-800 amps.
  • Generator docking station – a docking station and manual switch is a system that is installed at a facility so that a portable generator can be connected quickly and easily. In the event of a power outage, a portable generator can be quickly moved into place and hooked up to the docking station to provide temporary power. The addition of a manual transfer switch with the power station allows you to choose between utility and generator power without connecting to both.

What Are The Benefits Of A Temporary Power Connection?

Temporary generator connections provide a quick and easy solution during a power outage. Whether it is a seasonal storm, an unforeseen weather event, or a disruption in your utility service, getting the power back online shouldn’t add further complications to the situation. Having a temporary power connection can provide the following benefits:

  • Emergency power – having a generator attached to a docking station and transfer switch means less downtime when utility power fails. In an emergency or life-safety situation, having the ability to restore power quickly can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Cost-savings – power outages mean a loss of productivity and efficiency, especially for businesses. Having a temporary power solution that allows you to get your power back online quickly can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.
  • Maintenance – if your business has a permanent standby generator that is offline for regular maintenance, a temporary power box with cam lock connections for generators can make all the difference in an emergency situation.
  • Plug and play – once a temporary power station setup is installed, bringing a portable generator online is as simple as plugging your generator cables into the color-coded receptacles on the connection box.

Larger facilities like hospitals and fire stations benefit from a permanent generator setup, but smaller businesses or commercial facilities may find that a generator docking station is a useful alternative. In cases where a permanent generator is not an option, a temporary generator connection provides a quick connection to a mobile generator at any time. These mobile generators can be customized to fit a facility’s power needs and will be able to provide power during emergency situations.

Ease Of Use And Temporary Power Connections

Although many power systems should be handled by trained professionals, some systems are easier to use than others. A generator docking station with a manual switch allows operators to make quick decisions and power connections without the hassle of learning how to manually connect cables or switch over to emergency power. A permanently installed docking station with manual selector switch and cam lock connections for generators makes the system even safer, faster, and easier for novices to use. The sheer flexibility of a temporary power connection makes this a good option for many facilities that do not need a standby generator but still want to plan ahead for worst-case scenarios.

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