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The Benefits of Installing Industrial Generators in Commercial Buildings

The Benefits of Installing Industrial Generators in Commercial Buildings

It seems that no matter where you live in the United States, power outages are becoming more common. Whether the interruptions are due to storms, natural disasters, or problems with the grid, losing power can be a big problem for business owners. Having a backup generator for your business professionally installed should be part of a comprehensive power solution strategy for your commercial business.

If you want to avoid the high financial costs, interruptions to business continuity, and the general safety and security challenges that are a result of an unexpected power outage, consider installing a commercial standby generator in your facility today!

What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Industrial Generators?

Generators are expensive, so it is critical to pick the one that best fits your needs. A generator for business can be either a commercial or industrial generator. A commercial generator is simply a generator that is large enough to power a retail space or other commercial or business facility. Industrial generators work in the same way as commercial generators but are designed to be more robust so that they can operate in rough environments.

The Benefits of Installing a Commercial Standby Generator

Generators should be a key component of your business continuity plan. Installing a backup generator for your business can protect your business interests by restoring power when your utility service is disrupted. If you want to avoid the negative repercussions that come with unplanned downtime, consider installing a commercial standby generator for your business today.  Installing a standby generator has many benefits, including the following:

  • Keep your employees and customers comfortable – losing power during a blizzard or tropical storm isn’t just uncomfortable. It can be downright dangerous. A backup generator for business ensures that the lights stay on and the heating and cooling system will keep everyone comfortable and safe, no matter the weather.
  • Protect your investment – in today’s world, business owners put a lot of money into the daily technology. From computers to copiers, almost everything is dependent on electricity. A power failure can damage your electronics, as well as disrupt your web-hosting service. However, if you have had a generator for business installed, it will kick in immediately – preventing problems before they start.
  • Avoid lost revenue – retailers, as well as other commercial businesses, see an instant drop in sales if they are forced to close during an outage. Restaurants report that they can easily lose thousands of dollars of product due to spoilage, in addition to the loss of customers during a power outage. Keep your lights on, your inventory cold, and customers happy with the security a generator can provide.
  • Protect vulnerable populations – medical facilities need to have a commercial standby generator at the ready. Outages in hospitals or assisted living facilities could be hazardous if the healthcare facility doesn’t have a commercial generator that is well-maintained and ready to go at the first sign of power loss. Generators can run vital lifesaving equipment, such as ventilators and other important machinery during times of emergency.
  • Keep your reputation intact – if you run a customer service-oriented business, you need to keep doing business even during a power outage. Your clients and patrons need to depend on you, no matter what. Having a plan that minimizes the impact of a power outage can increase customer satisfaction and definitely help you be seen in a positive light.

What Industries Would Benefit From A Commercial Standby Generator?

Many industries could benefit from having a properly installed backup generator as part of their overall business plan. The bottom line is that generators for business and generators in commercial settings ensure a continuous stream of power for various commercial activities, avoiding costly losses and dangerous scenarios if the grid is down for any length of time.

  • Food service industry – when the power goes out, restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, and coffee shops can lose business, as well as their inventory. Without refrigeration, foods can spoil and customers will be left in the dark. With a commercial standby generator, however, a food service business will not only keep their business humming along even during the worst weather but can also serve as a source of comfort to area residents and first responders.
  • Healthcare facilities – without power, healthcare facilities cannot function. Even more importantly, without power, they won’t be able to help those people impacted by the hazards caused by the power outage. The facility’s role as a public servant in times of emergency demands that it has a dependable source of power, making backup generators a must.
  • Banks – in today’s competitive environment, a business that allows power outages and bad weather to impact its services will soon find its clients going to another provider. In a power outage, people will need cash. If the banks and ATMs shut down due to lack of power, people won’t be able to purchase food, water, or other needed items.
  • Retailers – if the power is out, your business will miss out on the opportunity to sell the very items people require to meet their basic needs during an emergency situation. Batteries, bottled water, and flashlights are necessities. Without a commercial standby generator, you won’t be able to serve the public or generate revenue.
  • Office buildings – if the power is out, most of today’s high-tech office equipment won’t work. Without power, an office’s water will not run and its HVAC system will be offline. However, with a standby power generator, businesses and organizations that need to keep running can keep most of their services going until power is restored.

Order Your Generator Today!

Think about what could happen to your business if you don’t have a backup generator ready to go. Before the next power emergency, sit down to assess your risks, as well as how much power you’ll need during an outage. In most cases, staying open during stormy weather or other power outages will pay for the cost of the generator many times over. Don’t lose out – consult with a professional to assess your generator needs today

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