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Microgrids: What They Are and How They Work

Microgrids: What They Are and How They Work

With increases in natural disasters and storms that affect people’s power, the rise in microgrids is becoming more and more prevalent. There are over 100 operational microgrids in the United States that are interconnected to central power sources.

In this article, you’ll discover more about microgrids, what they are, and how they work!

Microgrids Defined

A microgrid is a hub for energy reliance that can operate independently from a traditional power grid. These interconnected hubs can power sections or regions and distribute energy efficiently across a large area by themselves, powering homes, neighborhoods, and businesses.

This function of working by themselves is called island mode. When they work in conjunction with the main power grid, that is called the grid-connected mode. The size and scope of the microgrid are determined by how often the area encounters storms and natural disasters.

Advantages of Microgrids and Applications

Surprisingly, microgrids are very low-cost and provide clean energy. They can remove stress from the main power grid while serving as alternative power sources if necessary. This diversified power is reliable if a storm or natural disaster batters an area. During hurricanes and emergencies, they can provide much-needed relief and energy to first responders and law enforcement.

With proper planning, microgrids can be cheaper to build by connecting larger power plants to existing microgrids. Across the United States, microgrids efficiently keep sustainable energy going. Farming and manufacturing are two strong examples of industries that require sustainable energy that is still reliable.

How Are They Powered?

Microgrids are systems powered by generators, batteries, and sometimes solar panels. Microgrids must reserve power for emergencies by keeping homes and buildings connected to central sources.

Areas along the southeast coast that are susceptible to hurricanes are examples of places that would benefit from generator-powered microgrids. Areas along the west coast that are susceptible to wildfires and heat waves would also benefit from generator- and solar-powered microgrids.

As microgrids become the energy standard, learning what they are and how they work can benefit your operations. With their reliable energy-producing functions, microgrids can operate hand-in-hand with a power unit to create a robust system.

At Turnkey Industries, we take pride in supplying diesel industrial generators that cater to supplying energy in the event of outages. These machines help power facilities and military installations, allowing operations to continue without skipping a beat.

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