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Harnessing Power With Industrial Generators at Construction Sites

Harnessing Power With Industrial Generators at Construction Sites

Before you begin a construction project for a client, make sure that you consider the type of temporary power installation you will need for the job. Whether your project is in the middle of a city or hundreds of miles from the nearest one, ensuring that you have access to temporary construction power is critical to the success of the job site’s operation. Electrical demands can grow quickly as you add trailers, light towers, and heating and cooling equipment, so take that into account during the planning phase.

The question of how to get temporary power to your site can be a complicated one. Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to create a temporary power installation for your site is by using a generator. If you cannot tap into the power supply or are working in a remote location, industrial generators are an easy option to supply the much-needed electric power to your job. Industrial generators also provide a backup supply of power if you are connected to the grid and the power goes out, which can help keep your project on schedule.

Generators For Temporary Power Installations

There are three factors that will influence the type of generator you need on your job site: the size, location, and stage of your project. Small to medium projects may require a portable or towable generator to supply power to job site tools, while larger, energy-intensive sites may require a larger, industrial generator. There are three types of generators to consider when selecting a means of temporary construction power for your job site.

  • Portable generators provide a temporary power supply for sites that need a versatile power solution that can move easily from one spot to the next. These generators tend to be small and their power output corresponds to their size. Many can be mounted on a wheeled cart, which facilitates the ease with which they can be moved around a site.
  • Towable generators are generally larger, but still very mobile. They can be rented, making them a popular choice for temporary power installations. Towable generators often come with large fuel tanks, which allow for a longer, continuous operating time. Many models also feature sound attenuation for quieter operation, which can come in handy if you are working in a residential area.
  • Industrial generators provide maximum power for the biggest projects. They offer far greater capacity than the other two types of generators mentioned above, and a single unit can power an entire construction site. Many industrial generators are capable of running for nearly 10 hours at maximum load on a single tank of fuel. Of course, these generators are often paired with a high-capacity, portable fuel tank to ensure long run times during critical periods of a project.

What Features Should My Generator Include?

When construction companies need a steady supply of reliable, portable power, generators are often the answer. But how do you know what features to look for on the generator that will be supplying temporary construction power to your job site? Below we’ve included several key features that are important to look for when you are purchasing (or renting) an industrial generator for your temporary power installation.

  • Rugged – look for generators with housings that are built to survive extreme weather conditions.
  • Covered outlets – although simple, this critical detail is often overlooked. Make sure the generator you are considering has outlet covers, so rain and snow cannot get inside and cause damage to the unit.
  • A long run time – make sure the generator you select for your temporary power installation has a long run time so that you can generate power for the entire working day. This allows your crew to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Output – depending on your power needs, the generator for your site should provide single-phase or three-phase power output. Make sure the unit you choose can provide the right output for the items you need to power.
  • Portability vs. size – choose the right generator type for your site’s needs. If you need to power the entire site, a stationary, industrial generator will provide the largest volume of output with a long running time. But if you know you will need to move the unit around the site to provide power to different equipment, consider a portable generator for the job.

The Versatility Of Temporary Power Installations

Generators provide reliable power for construction sites. But they are also versatile and can be used as a source of backup power if the site is tied to the grid and there is a power outage. Whether you are using a generator to provide temporary construction power to a job site or as a backup mechanism during a power outage, knowing that you have the power to get the job done no matter what can provide security and peace of mind to everyone involved in the project.

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