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The Benefits of Natural Gas Commercial Generators

The Benefits of Natural Gas Commercial Generators

Given its responsibility for more than 20 percent of the world’s energy, natural gas is one of the primary fuel sources for a significant population. The material is readily available and reliable and produces a mere 10 percent of emissions compared to other fuel sources.

In recent times, cleaner fossil fuel has captured the minds of business and facility owners, prompting a demand for natural gas generators. These units offer the same capabilities as their diesel-powered counterparts; however, they have a few different aspects that distinguish them as another dependable power source.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of natural gas commercial generators.

Wide Availability

Natural gas differs from most fuel sources because it is readily available and easily accessible. Now, this doesn’t mean that fuel materials like diesel and petroleum are “less than” natural gas. It means that you can obtain natural gas from pipelines more quickly and easily, so your equipment won’t miss a beat during operation.


Like most generators, natural gas units can have a high acquisition cost; however, the investment pays off rather quickly. The cost of natural gas needed to produce electrical energy is less than other materials, resulting in a lower running cost.

Highly Reliable

With a network of over 200 pipelines, natural gas is constantly available and doesn’t require storage. Most main lines for the fuel sit at a depth of 24 inches below the ground, ensuring that the supply remains uninterrupted during natural disasters.

Environmentally Friendly

As previously mentioned, natural gas generators produce half the amount of emissions other fuel materials would, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide in the air. Additionally, these units can reduce the amount of mercury and coal particles produced while lowering your overall power supply costs.

Easy To Use

Natural gas generators are relatively easy to use; they operate quietly and do not exude foul odors. You’ll notice many of these units in commercial settings due to their near-noiseless operation and ability to keep properties tidy and spill-free.

The benefits of natural gas commercial generators are plenty, cementing their prominence in a market that accommodates safer, eco-friendly operations. At Turnkey Industries, we carry commercial gas generators in our inventory, with sizes ranging from 50kW to 2000kW. For more information, consider browsing our webpage!

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