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Unexpected Industries That Benefit From Backup Generators

Unexpected Industries That Benefit From Backup Generators

Energy is responsible for powering any business’s operations. While most organizations wouldn’t think twice about where it comes from, energy is a major component that streamlines their success. While an hour without power can result in some inconvenience for homeowners, this same amount of time can result in detrimental consequences for commercial facilities and establishments.

There’s no doubt that backup generators are common yet central equipment in almost every business. However, you’ll realize there are some sectors unbeknownst to many businesses that depend on this machinery. Here are three unexpected industries that benefit from backup generators.


Large shopping centers and department stores create phenomenal experiences for shoppers until they’re stuck in a dark store during an outage!

While generating revenue is a primary goal for most retail stores, retailers must also ensure that employees, customers, and assets remain secure during power failure.

With the help of a backup generator, department stores can keep their lights, security systems, and payment stations functional, eliminating the chance of inconveniencing a sale.


Observatories are hubs for experimentation and data collection. Given the amount of work scientists conduct, their facilities require exponential quantities of power.

Most observatories have different technology like computers, communication systems, IT servers, and lights on the premises that require a constant and dependable flow of energy. However, many of these facilities sit outside heavily populated areas, often away from a power grid. These factors result in the need for onsite power generation. With a backup generator, these facilities can maintain essential services, preserve experimental integrity, and avoid wasted investments and downtime.

Ski Resorts

Ski resorts require a constant flow of energy to heat the lodge and provide services to guests staying on the premises. Other services relying on electricity include generating fake snow and operating the ski lifts.

With the winter sports season facing significant power outages from weather, these locations require supplemental energy sources to support electrical systems and infrastructure.

A backup generator would turn the resort into a prime location to visit during a power outage, attracting guests trying to beat the cold.

Insufficient power to maintain equipment operation is detrimental to an organization’s revenue. While plenty of business sectors require the assistance of power units, unexpected industries, like ski resorts, benefit from backup generators.

Turnkey Industries is a trusted and professional manufacturer and supplier of used trailer mounted generators. Our team of professionals ensures each unit’s functionality by repairing and testing machinery as it arrives at our facility.

With our goal of superior customer service and premium-quality machinery, we can help you find the ideal equipment for your business today.

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