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Used Generators That Work Like New for Industrial Applications

Used Generators That Work Like New for Industrial Applications

If your business is searching for used industrial generators, select a generator type to satisfy all your power needs. Since they are different from the residential models, you need to choose the right generator size for your business. Preparing a list of all the equipment that the generator will power can help you find the right generator size.

Buying used industrial generators comes with lots of benefits. They cost much less than new generators due to pre-ownership. Reputable sellers must also test and approve used generators before selling them to you. Since there are several types of industrial generators, select one that can meet your business needs.

Diesel Generators

Renowned for their durability, long-life, and low maintenance cost, diesel generators are an excellent choice for industrial applications. A diesel generator operating at 1,800 rpm can run for 12,000-30,000 hours between major maintenance services. A gas-powered engine of the same size may require major servicing after 6,000-10,000 hours of work.

Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas is another less expensive fuel for industrial generators. Such generators use liquefied petroleum gas or propane to run industrial equipment. Also, they are durable but costly when new. The primary drawback of natural gas generators is that they have a lower output than a diesel-powered generator of the same size.

Power Generation Requirements

While generator power outputs range between 20kW and 2500kW, some offer one phase power (120 volts) and others three-phase power (480 volts). For industrial applications, you’ll need to invest in three-phase generators. Generators that offer 120-208 volt services or 277-480 volt services are suitable for multiple requirements.

Powering Your Facility with Used Generators

Buying used industrial generators is a cost-effective way of investing in backup power in your business. You’ll be saving more money and receiving quality at the same time. Buy the right size of used industrial generators from licensed dealers, like React Power.

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