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Used vs. New Industrial Generators: Which Is Right for You?

Used vs. New Industrial Generators: Which Is Right for You?

Hospitals, farms, and construction sites are very different workplaces, but they share a significant commonality. Of course, the need for precise workmanship is certainly critical in all fields, but beyond that, each of these workplaces needs quality generators. As is the case for many products, you can choose between used and new generators for your operation. When considering used and new industrial generators, which is right for you?

Browse our guide below to learn the pros and cons of both options today.

New Generators

Buying a new generator means you have a chance to find brand-new models on the market. Of course, their cutting-edge technology will reflect that fact. However, cutting-edge products come with cutting-edge prices, so they’re not the most cost-effective route to take. Therefore, if you don’t care about having the most recent generator available, why buy one? Beyond the technology, choosing new models comes down to the manufacturer’s warranty.

If the manufacturer’s warranty is important to you, a new generator might be your perfect pairing. That said, you can find used generators with warranties in some cases, but they won’t come from the manufacturer. Plus, as you’ll learn below, there’s more to consider when it comes to comparing used and new generators.

Used Generators

One of the most convenient things about used generators is that you don’t have to wait for the manufacturer to assemble a new model. Instead, your generator is complete and ready to go. Likewise, used models provide a more cost-effective option than more recent models without delivering poor performance. After all, if you’re buying from a reputable vendor, your used hardware should endure some form of testing.

For instance, at Turnkey Industries, our used industrial generators go through inspections and tests by certified professionals. That way, you can save money on your generator without having to compromise performance. Suffice it to say that buying a generator that isn’t fresh from the manufacturer’s facility doesn’t mean you have to settle for an unreliable performance.

Balancing the Details

So, when it comes to used vs. new industrial generators, which is right for you? As you can see, both options are suitable solutions, so the choice ultimately comes down to your preferences. For those who specifically want manufacturer warranties and a brand new, fresh-off-the-shelf model, the right solution is fairly obvious. However, if all you want is a great generator that meets your power and performance needs, comes at a great price, and arrives quicker than new models, a used generator is the perfect solution. Now that you have all the key details, you can browse the generators online and quickly find the right match for your needs.

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