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10 Reasons Every Business Needs a Backup Generator

10 Reasons Every Business Needs a Backup Generator

Businesses losing power is far more common than one would think. You know that these unforeseen circumstances can prevent your company from operating as usual.

Disasters and outages can halt production and damage essential equipment, placing your company at a detrimental standstill that can result in severe consequences. For that reason, it helps to have a backup generator in place to prevent these potentially devastating situations. Whether you need a trailer mounted or a standby generator it is important that your business has a backup generator in place.

These supplemental power units provide peace of mind, allowing your store or facility to operate without interruption. But that’s not all! Continue reading to learn 10 reasons every business needs a backup generator.

Can Handle High Power Loads

Backup generators have high power load thresholds; their robust strength can distribute energy throughout a building or facility during extended power outages.

Plenty of generators come in various sizes and capacities, so it helps to determine the right kind of machinery that will suit your unique needs. When looking for ideal equipment, consider your building’s energy requirements and all the electrical systems your generator will need to run.

Units Are Easily Customizable

As mentioned previously, backup generators have many specifications and thresholds to support your business’s needs. You can customize a unit to your preference to ensure that your investment is worth the expense. For example, you can choose the equipment or sections of your building to receive power from the generator.

Keeps Production and Operations Moving

Manufacturing plants and businesses create goods using operating systems that may require outside assistance from onsite workers. These team members work to deliver daily quotas of goods and always aim to improve efficiency. In other words, every hour the business is not operational is money down the drain.

In an outage or disaster, a business without a backup generator may have onsite workers sit idly as they wait for production and assembly lines to resume operation. This halt can cause a significant loss that impacts the business and everyone depending on it.

For instance, without production, there is no merchandise to sell, leading to an inconvenienced customer base.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Keeping lines of communication open does not only include communication with customers but also includes internal departments.

Without a backup generator to supply continuous energy during an outage, this may delay operations with domestic branches. Backup or standby generators can prevent instances of confusion and keep lines of communication with customers and staff open.

Promotes Security

Most offices or business buildings that carry sensitive customer information may have security protocols and systems that restrict access to only authorized personnel. Furthermore, there may be additional security measures on the property.

Outages can place your business at risk for targeted attacks; however, having a backup generator allows gates, electronic doors, and locks to retain power during this time. You can also establish priority levels for systems that can potentially damage the facility were they to go down.

Equipment Protection

Sudden power outages can devastate your building’s machines, computers, and other essential equipment. An outage can cause a surge that overpowers fuses and damage wiring, destroying equipment.

Tools and resources can overheat and break down, further exacerbating communication lines. Some outages can cause equipment to catch fire, posing a hazard within the building.

Power plants, production companies, and manufacturers depend on working and operating electrical systems to keep employees safe.

This is very business specific, but a backup generator will, fortunately, be able to keep equipment safe by efficiently distributing power without overwhelming your systems.

Protect Customer Data

Apart from protecting essential equipment used during business operations, a backup generator can also protect your customers and sensitive information. Power outages can cause system errors and loss of online security systems and software, making your business vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Luckily, backup energy units can keep these systems running by transferring power to machines, phones, servers, and computers within moments. It also helps to host a backup of clientele information offsite.

Easy To Maintain

Having a backup generator doesn’t mean you’ll spend countless hours ensuring it functions smoothly. Maintaining a backup generator is relatively easy and cost-efficient. Having a solid generator maintenance plan or service company to do routine tests and checkups effectively ensures your generator is ready to go in times of need.

It can be frustrating when the unexpected happens and more infuriating when the equipment you invested in to mitigate these issues also fails. It helps to conduct annual comprehensive inspections that usually involve looking at several components of your backup generator.

This can include oil and filter changes, coolant checks, fuel refills, pressure tests, and intake tests to ensure your generator will operate smoothly in an event like a power outage.

Automated Features

While they appear to sit idle at first glance, your backup generator knows how to save the day and when to do it! Auxiliary power units typically turn on and off when they notice a sudden change in power.

Most of the time, your generator will activate without you noticing, so you won’t have to worry about your next move if your main power supply drops. Once the power returns, your unit will shut down.

Provides a Peace of Mind

Lastly, a backup generator provides peace of mind. Your business has a reputation to uphold and customers to serve, so it’s only natural to want to give the best experience without worrying about the effects of an outage. Your business can rest easy knowing there won’t be any interruptions.

Every business needs a backup generator for multiple reasons! Given the unpredictability of business operations, it helps to have a supplemental energy source to keep your company running, especially when your employees and customers depend on you most.

For more information on commercial generators, sizes, and other specifications, check out Turnkey Industries! We have an incredible selection of commercial generators for sale, suitable for any business.

10 Reasons Every Business Needs A Backup Generator

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