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5 Advantages of Parallel Operation of Generators

5 Advantages of Parallel Operation of Generators

5 Advantages of Parallel Operation of Generators

When powering your business or a job site you’re on, one generator often isn’t enough to do the job. People often put multiple generators in parallel operation, doubling the wattage. They’ll need synchronization, so using the same brand and type is important for delivering as much power as possible. There are many advantages to the parallel operation of generators, and more managers are implementing it for their respective businesses.

The Optimization of Efficiency

One of the greatest advantages of paralleling generators is that it accommodates inconsistent electrical loads. A generator has an optimal power capacity, and the generator could go below the optimal capacity and create issues because electrical loads can be inconsistent. A parallel generator setup can better account for these electrical inconsistencies. Two generators working in conjunction have a much higher optimal power capacity and can handle any fluctuations that might occur.

Increased Capacity

While paralleling helps you handle electrical fluctuations, its greater capacity also sets you up for success in the future. Businesses don’t have one piece of equipment relying on a generator for years—instead, they find new equipment, and the power requirements change. It’s tricky to handle with only one generator, but you are better situated for success by paralleling your generators. If your power requirements exceed what you can get with two generators, you can add another to your setup.

Greater Flexibility

Paralleling your generators allows greater flexibility when changing and moving equipment around. You would need to cease operations with one generator while you change location or conduct maintenance. Two or more generators working together means you can take one generator offline to conduct maintenance without stopping your entire operation.

Prepared for Emergencies

Another advantage of paralleling generators is preparing yourself for emergencies. Sometimes, a generator will fail. If it’s your only generator, you would be in trouble. When you parallel generators, you have the necessary machinery in place to maintain power for your business. Maintaining this continuity is important to running a successful business and being prepared whenever an emergency strikes.

Easier Maintenance

The flexibility of paralleling simplifies maintenance because you can maintain the generators while keeping equipment running. The size is also more manageable. You don’t need the largest alternator available when paralleling—instead, you can connect multiple small units that offer the same power capabilities. Maintaining smaller units is much easier than large units.

Parallel operation of generators has many advantages for your business, but finding the right generators can be tricky. At Turnkey Industries, we understand this struggle and want to make buying generators as easy as possible. We’re experts in our field and have plenty of commercial generators for sale, so you can find reliable models that help you and your business thrive.

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