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9 Industrial Applications for Diesel Generators

9 Industrial Applications for Diesel Generators

Industrial generators have inherent advantages in that they make for great standby power alternatives for a wide variety of industries. Since its initial discovery, the diesel-fueled engine went through a reinvention, contributing to its versatility and load capacity.

Furthermore, diesel is a less flammable fuel and has a longer half-life than gasoline with longer storage capabilities without losing performance. In this article, you’ll discover nine industrial applications for diesel generators and how they would serve each industry.

Medical and Healthcare

A diesel generator as a backup power supply is prominent equipment in the medical industry. Industrial-size generators power medical facilities by streamlining backup energy operations.

It’s crucial to maintain power for support machines like ventilators and oxygen pumps. A hospital’s intensive care unit will need a generator to work without fail; the equipment must be up to date, and the hospital’s power source must be reliable.

Industrial generators can keep a facility or plant operational for several hours or days depending on its size. Most robust power systems can provide backup power to facilities for more than 48 hours.

Manufacturing Plants or Shipping Centers

Like many industries, manufacturing plants and shipping centers utilize industrial diesel generators to maintain productivity during power outages that affect the surrounding area.

Unfortunately, nature is unpredictable, causing unforeseen circumstances that affect power. For manufacturing plants, fulfilling production quotas is a paramount priority that allows them to meet customer and company demands.

Production delays caused by outages can set back manufacturing plants exponentially! They may also experience interrupted schedules, spoilage of raw materials, and compromised safety.

Data Centers and Telecommunication Towers

Data and telecommunication centers contain manual and cloud servers that provide data and information storage for companies. These businesses often rely on telecommunication towers to run effectively.

Smaller businesses may have server storage within their location; larger enterprises may have separate data facilities in other locations due to the significant energy used during the operation. With this separation, data and telecommunication facilities often need supplemental energy sources to assist with daily operations.

Relying on diesel generators, individual locations can operate in times of unforeseen natural disaster. Without functioning data and telecommunication servers, companies may be unable to make outbound or inbound calls. With power interruptions, servers lose function to internal software tools, making them vulnerable to cyber-attacks that compromise data.

Power Plants

Power plants for many functionalities also rely on industrial diesel generators for standby and backup power. Diesel generators keep pumps, fans, and belts of power plants moving in the event of power outages.

Each power plant serves separate purposes to provide electricity to neighborhoods, municipalities, or manufacturing plants. Non-functional power plants without backup power can negatively affect several people and organizations.

It’s very common for power plants to have supplemental means or backup power; diesel generators are a staple that can help prevent spillway gates from flooding.

Schools, Universities, and Other Education Buildings

Surprisingly, the education industry is another area that relies heavily on industrial diesel generators. A school or university uses a lot of energy to operate; there are HVAC units to power, lights to keep on, and other essential functions to maintain.

Without reliable standby power, many faculty and students would be unable to perform their daily tasks and activities. Like data and telecommunication servers, schools and colleges contain internal education domains that allow communication with professors and other students.

Domains typically have sensitive information that would be susceptible to breaches during an outage. Diesel generators can help protect students and faculty data by turning on as soon as it registers a shift in energy. This feature would facilitate the distribution of uninterrupted power, seldom inconveniencing anyone.

Schools and universities also need to maintain overall security; electronic locks, smoke alarms, and PA systems all rely on power to remain operational during emergency situations.

Military Applications

Another industry that is heavily-dependent on diesel generators, the military often relies on stable power sources to carry out tasks and duties. Power units on military bases provide support for not only soldiers and active duty, but also for civilians. These towns rely on PA systems and electronic security gates.

These bases provide necessary inbound and outbound communication. Daily tasks that involve training, record keeping, and security can become compromised without reliable standby power. Military bases and buildings also rely on industrial diesel generators to keep processes moving forward.

Mining and Construction Fields

Mining verticals depend on industrial diesel generators to provide backup or standby power to machines that excavate, drill, sort, and carry out necessary functions to mine coal, iron, and precious metals.

It’s essential for mining equipment to be mobile since job sites frequently change. However, mobile job sites can provide a unique problem that industrial diesel generators solve. Sometimes, diesel power units will provide the primary power source for weeks because a job site will require it.

Mining job sites are also inherently dangerous. Diesel as the main fuel source is much safer than gasoline because it is not as flammable. Construction verticals follow the same principles as mining; job sites may change, job sites are dangerous, and machinery to perform the work must be reliable.

Commercial Operations

The commercial industry encompasses businesses that strive to optimize a company’s ability to purchase or sell goods or services. If there’s a power failure present, it hinders revenue and profits. While most commercial locations have a backup generator, those without can experience revenue loss, safety concerns, and other challenges that affect business.

Commercial companies without diesel generators may also experience IT troubles and equipment shutdowns, resulting in business loss and security compromises.

Hotels and Service Industries

Hotels and restaurants are industries with constant business. When they’re affected by a power outage, they lose revenue. During a power outage, these businesses remain at a standstill as heaters, air conditioning units, kitchen appliances, and other electrical equipment cease working.

Luckily, a diesel generator can ensure continuous operation, allowing customers and guests to experience a pleasant time during their stay.

Diesel generators have various industrial applications that make them versatile machines in every industry. At Turnkey Industries, our mission is to provide quality equipment that works for your business rather than against it!

Our inventory contains large-sized machines with enough wattage to supply power in the most extreme situations. Feel free to browse our webpage for more information!

9 Industrial Applications For Diesel Generators

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