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A Quick Guide to the Top Industrial Generator Brand Models

A Quick Guide to the Top Industrial Generator Brand Models

Every business has different power requirements, but even with the different shapes and sizes of industrial generators, you must also consider the brands. Shopping for different wattage outputs isn’t the only thing you need to consider. To find the right generator, you need this quick guide to the top industrial generator brand models. For your business to succeed, you must find the right generator for your needs!


Cummins is a huge company that has been around for over 100 years. During that time, they designed many systems, including engines, filtration systems, and generators. Currently, Cummins offers the standard types of generators, including diesel, propane, gas, and natural gas. Additionally, Cummins sells generators by application, so they can take care of all your business needs. The different generator applications they sell include:

  • Microgrid power solutions
  • Prime power
  • Standby power
  • Commercial mobile generators
  • Home standby generators
  • Portable generators

Cummins also has generators for whatever power needs you may have. The lowest power generator they sell is a 2.5 kW generator, and the most powerful one can easily handle 3,500 kW of power.


While Caterpillar is younger than Cummins, they’ve quickly become the construction equipment industry leader. In addition to handling construction equipment, Caterpillar is a generator industry leader. Their generator sets hold a lot of power potential, and Caterpillar designs them to meet global emissions requirements while still being incredibly efficient and requiring little fuel.

Businesses often use these generator sets for construction and mining, but they’re great for nearly everything. Caterpillar’s diesel-powered generators fit in a range of around 10 and 16,200 kW of power, while their gas-powered generators range between 10 and 600 kW.

HiPower Systems

Cummins and Caterpillar are great brands, but generators aren’t their sole focus. On the other hand, HiPower Systems is one of the most popular suppliers of generators in the US and Canada. They make standard generators for homes, commercial businesses, and industrial sectors like agriculture, oil, gas, and telecommunications. HiPower Systems also builds generator accessories, such as paralleling switchgear, automatic transfer switches, and other power distribution equipment.

Your business needs to find the top industrial generator brand model to thrive. There is a wide range of different industrial-size generator brands, and if you’re unsure of which one to get, come to us at Turnkey Industries. We have all the generators you could ever need to keep your business running.

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