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Benefits of Buying an Industrial Generator Over Renting

Benefits of Buying an Industrial Generator Over Renting

By now, you’re aware that plenty of factors can determine the ideal generator acquisition for your facility. You must consider sizes, styles, fuel types, and other elements to narrow your search and obtain a unit that will function according to your operations.

However, after determining these factors, there’s one more question: should you rent or buy a generator? As you read through this article, you’ll learn the benefits of buying an industrial generator over renting that can help you make your final decision.

Eliminates Rental Company Maintenance Fees

Some rental providers state maintenance services at set hour intervals that require payment. This practice allows ongoing fees to accrue. And if you significantly depend on your generator, you may have to worry about load bank tests and other periodic assessments.

Once you buy an industrial generator, you can assign internal staff to perform their own maintenance assessments, allowing you to save costs. However, it helps to note that you may still have to contact a local service provider to conduct load bank tests.

Promotes Asset Ownership

Renting a generator means you won’t own the unit, and you’ll have a contract that states the allotted lending time before having to return it. On the other hand, buying a unit confirms your ownership, eliminating rental agreements and limited times that restrict you. Buying also gives you the option to resell the unit if you want to later.

Eliminates Contract Restrictions

Generator rental agreements often state policies that restrict configuration modifications to wiring, add-ons, and enclosures. Conversely, buying a unit allows you to move forward with installations and configurations to better suit your operations and support energy flow.

Buying a generator also eliminates power limitations, allowing for more continuous energy usage during emergencies like hurricanes and power outages.

While renting a unit may have its perks, there are more benefits to buying an industrial generator that may align with your facility’s operations and preferences. At Turnkey Industries, you can purchase a wide array of units, including industrial natural gas generators with different capacities to best suit your business. For more options, feel free to browse through our inventory!

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