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Commonly Asked Questions About Backup Generators

Commonly Asked Questions About Backup Generators

Keeping the lights on in a business is a priority most owners have. With power outages and inclement weather varying per location, you’re often left in the dark when trying to prepare for these situations, literally and metaphorically!

Backup generators are necessary investments that support your business’s electrical system. However, some business owners don’t know much about them, leading them to question their purpose and dependability.

In this article, you’ll discover some commonly asked questions about backup generators and learn their helpful answers.

Are Backup Generators Reliable?

Backup generators are the most reliable power sources for your business. Well-maintained equipment can provide a continuous energy supply during power outages that would leave operations at a standstill.

Most backup generators can run automatically, meaning they’ll activate after sensing a sudden shift in electricity, allowing you to continue business operations without skipping a beat.

How Long Do Generators Run?

A unit’s operating time varies depending on its required fuel. For example, diesel generators can supply continuous power for 24, 48, or 72 hours. These units require a standby fuel tank to keep up with tank refills.

Natural gas generators have the capacity to run up to a week if necessary. However, you should shut equipment down for cooling and oil checks.

How Long Do Generators Last?

With regular maintenance and service, your generators can easily last 20 or more years. It helps to note that your unit may require more service procedures as it ages.

If maintenance costs exceed that of acquiring a new unit, your best bet is to purchase equipment altogether!

Where Do You Set Up Generators?

When determining the best location for your generator, it helps to set up equipment in areas away from utilities. Since units will require routine maintenance during their service life, it’s best to install generators in cleared areas with access to each side.

Before placing it outdoors, it helps to consult local law and policies for any noise regulations that could cause a violation.

What Do You Need To Make Equipment Last?

While durable, generators are like most equipment; they require care to promote efficiency and long service lives. Depending on the required fuel, you’ll want to keep the correct type nearby at all times. Having reliable access to fuel supplies makes it easier to refill tanks, especially during emergencies.

Your generator will also need regular maintenance to ensure it functions at its best! You can perform certain tasks on your own, but it helps to contact a professional for further assistance on comprehensive maintenance procedures.

Generators reliably supply energy to your business, and it’s expected to have questions about them, especially if you’re thinking about purchasing your first unit. Fortunately, these answers to commonly asked questions provide the necessary information about backup generators, bringing you a step closer to strengthening your location’s electrical system.

When in the market for a dependable power unit, it would be in your best interest to work with us at Turnkey Industries. As reputable suppliers, we sell industrial generators to help keep your business running smoothly.

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