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Discover the Benefits of Investing in a Commercial Backup Generator for Your Building

Discover the Benefits of Investing in a Commercial Backup Generator for Your Building

There are many reasons a business owner may want to install a backup generator onsite at a commercial property. For example, a commercial backup generator ensures that all of a company’s important, profit-generating systems remain operational in the event of an emergency. Commercial backup generators also reduce losses and ensure that your business can get back up to speed after a power outage is resolved. Simply put, buying and installing a backup generator for your commercial building helps prevent the interruption of operations and is an excellent way to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Do You Really Have To Worry About Power Outages?

There are a variety of reasons that power outages occur. Hot weather often creates a heavy draw on the grid and if utility companies are unable to keep up with power demands, affected areas may experience rolling blackouts. Severe rainstorms or other inclement weather conditions may snap power lines, cutting neighborhoods and business districts off from the electrical grid until the lines can be repaired. It doesn’t take much to create an emergency situation that leaves your business in the dark, so planning ahead for these adverse situations is certainly a prudent thing to do.

Backup Generators Vs. Portable Generators

Before you invest in a backup generator for your commercial building, it is important to carefully consider your options. Portable generators can create the emergency power you need during a power outage; however, you need to manually start them. If you are not present and your staff does not know how to use a portable generator, your business cannot stay open. On the other hand, a backup generator can be connected to a natural gas line or a stored backup supply. Commercial backup generators are also permanently installed and feature an automatic transfer switch that seamlessly switches the building to backup power in the event of an outage. A backup generator provides peace of mind for business owners, who can rest easy knowing that their business can continue to operate even during an emergency situation.

5 Benefits Of A Backup Generator

A backup generator for your commercial building is an effective and important power source to have during a power outage. Backup generators ensure that your business will not suffer a loss of communication, data, or even customers. With a backup generator, you can provide power to your phones, machines, servers, and computers within seconds to ensure that you stay up and running. Still not convinced? Here are several more reasons to consider a commercial backup generator for your business:

  • Preserve the lines of communication – continue serving and supporting customers during a power outage with the power supplied by your backup generator! Even in an emergency situation, customers will still need you. A backup generator will help you keep your service lines up and running, no matter the situation at hand.
  • Eliminate unwanted downtime – Your entire business could go into standby mode if you aren’t prepared for a power outage. Critical communication channels and equipment cannot operate without power, and in turn, your company can lose productivity and profitability. Time is money – and a backup generator for your commercial building is a good way to protect your profitability!
  • Keep critical systems running – backup generators keep your critical systems running. Whether it’s your HVAC unit or security system, a standby generator offers you peace of mind by guaranteeing a steady supply of power during an emergency.
  • Protect your assets – if your business stocks inventory, especially food or other items that need to remain refrigerated in order to stay safe, a backup generator will protect your assets. Losing electricity could cost you thousands of dollars, but a backup generator will ensure your inventory stays safe.
  • Protect your equipment – commercial backup generators generally have monitoring systems that trigger the generator once a loss of your main power supply is detected. This means the power to your building will be steady – keeping your pipes from freezing in the winter, your AC running in the summer, and your security system online.

Should You Invest In A Backup Generator?

 Whether you need to provide power to your business phones or keep a huge data center online, you don’t want an unexpected power outage leaving your business and employees in the dark. A backup generator for your commercial building is an added line of defense against potential power outages that can ensure your business’s profitability and your employees’ safety. Commercial backup generators can also provide a sense of safety for you and your employees because they are ready to turn on automatically at the first hint of a problem. Investing in a backup generator provides peace of mind and protects your business from a loss of profitability during an emergency situation.

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