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How Efficient Are Natural Gas Industrial Generators?

How Efficient Are Natural Gas Industrial Generators?

Gasoline and diesel-fueled generators are the typical solutions to supplying power during outages. They are standard amongst corporations for their ability to mitigate inconveniences during a breakdown. However, these fuel sources have their limitations.

Corporations may want to consider utilizing natural gas generators to sidestep gasoline and diesel shortages during an outage. Natural gas generators are more convenient and accessible. But how efficient are natural gas generators? Continue reading to learn more!

Power Dependability

While gas and diesel-powered generators meet all the requirements, the need for supplemental fuel is imminent. You’ll want to ensure you have enough gasoline readily accessible for refills to maintain a consistent operation.

Unfortunately, most gas stations rely on electricity to operate and dispense fuel, presenting challenges during power outages. On the other hand, natural gas generators will have a continuous power source to maintain operation without electricity.

Overall Costs

Natural gas industrial generators have lower acquisition costs than diesel and gasoline units. If natural gas maintains effective pricing, overall expenses will favor natural gas versus diesel in the long term.

Sounds and Emissions

Natural gas generators typically run quieter than gasoline and diesel units, which is essential, especially when a noise ordinance is in place. These generators are also eco-friendly options that emit minimal amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.

Since natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, soil contamination from oil and fuel spills is non-existent. The gas presents minimal health risks since it does not produce ash or soot commonly seen in diesel counterparts. Inhaling some amounts of natural gas when the generator is in operation is non-toxic.

Natural gas generators are efficient, cost-effective, and provide an overall better outcome for the environment. If you’re searching for a natural gas-operated unit, browse our selection of natural gas commercial generators. We carry stock ranging from 50kW to 2000kW to fit your business’s needs.

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