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Kohler Generator: The Ideal Choice for Your 48kw and SDMO Diesel Needs

Kohler Generator: The Ideal Choice for Your 48kw and SDMO Diesel Needs

A Kohler generator is a sound investment for residential or commercial properties. When the power goes out during a bad storm or power failure, a generator from a brand you trust will keep the lights on and your business up and running. If you own a larger residential property or a small business, a Kohler 48kw generator will supply reliable power during unforeseen events.

Kohler offers industrial power generators, like the Kohler SDMO diesel generator, with the strength to power essential operations. These powerhouses offer continuous as well as standby power (like these generators with standby power), and will automatically restore power and keep you connected to the things you love to do – as well as the things that need to get done. From your central air to sump pump to personal and business computers, you can trust Kohler to have a generator that fits your needs.

Kohler SDMO Industrial Generators

Kohler SDMO is a subsidiary of the Kohler Company and specializes in the manufacture of industrial generators. These generators cover a wide variety of applications and offer a range of options that can be retrofitted to meet the specific needs of a larger residential or commercial property. They can provide as-needed, backup power or a continuous electricity supply. In terms of industrial applications, a Kohler SDMO diesel generator guarantees a steady supply of electricity to counter any outage or instability affecting the main supply.

Top 3 Generator Options By Kohler

A Kohler 48kw generator provides Reliable power for large residential or small business needs. It even offers best-in class backup for small-to-medium agricultural operations. But what generator is right for your needs? Here are three options by Kohler to review:

The Kohler 55REOZT4 Generator (48kW)

The Kohler 55REOZT4 mobile diesel generator offers up to 48 kW of single/three phase power at a quiet 69 dBA. Generator features include:

  • A Kohler diesel 2.5L 4-cycle turbocharged engine
  • Built-in alternator thermal overload protection.
  • Self-ventilated and drip-proof construction
  • Advanced control, system monitoring, and system diagnostics for optimum performance and compatibility.
  • Digital Display with adjustable contrast and menu control for easy local data access.
  • Remote communication through a PC via network or serial configuration.
  • 102-gallon fuel tank.
  • Emergency stop switch.

This Kohler generator is mobile. The generator comes with a single-axle trailer with an electric brake system and battery backup breakaway system. It can be used in both the U.S. and Canada and is compliant with current specifications published by the DOT and TC. It features running lights with a 7-wire harness and connector, rear stabilizer trailer jacks, and weight-bearing fenders up to 500 pounds.

Mobile generators offer flexibility. While a semi-permanent or permanent generator may take days to install, a mobile generator can be dropped right on site and started up immediately. They can be brought into an area after an emergency or for an outdoor event, and provide immediate relief to a home, business, or job site that has been affected by a power outage.

The Kohler 48REOZK4

The Kohler 48REOZK4 is a powerful, portable generator set that provides reliable power for large residential, generators for construction sites, or small business needs. This Kohler 48kw generator has an industrial-grade engine to keep your home or business up and running. This convenient genset is an efficient way to provide electricity if access to the power grid is not available, or can serve as a backup power source if the grid is down. Generator features include:

  • Kohler Co. provides one-source responsibility for generating systems and accessories.
  • A UL 2200 listing.
  • Meets NFPA 110, Level 1 standards.
  • A one-year limited warranty that covers all systems and components. (Optional two or five-year warranties are available from Kohler.)
  • Purchase includes battery heaters, RSA III Annunciator, dry contact kits, battery chargers, and block heaters.

With this Kohler diesel generator, you will have power automatically restored in 10 seconds. It provides steady, high-quality power when you need it most, and comes with a premium warranty and 2,000-hour protection.

Kohler 48RCLC 48kw Generator

This Kohler generator is a great option for emergency standby power and is suitable for either large residential or small business needs. It features an industrial-grade engine to keep your home or business running after a bad storm or power failure. Unlike the other two mentioned above, it runs on either natural gas or propane. Generator features include:

  • Extraordinary peak motor-starting capacity.
  • Exceptional digital voltage and frequency regulation, which ensures low levels or distortion to protect electronics and appliances.
  • An industrial-grade engine with hydraulic valve lifters.
  • Compatible with OnCue® Plus and optional OnCue® Plus Wireless Generator Management Systems, and Programmable Interface Module (PIM).
  • Quiet operation.
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosure.

With its streamlined installation, the Kohler 48RCLC is an ideal choice for those looking to have a generator put in place on-site.

Kohler Generators And Generator Sets Keep You Running

If you are on the fence about investing in a generator, keep in mind that the peace of mind it brings if you live in an area prone to storms is priceless. It also guarantees that, in the event of a natural disaster, your business can stay open when others are closed. Your initial investment will more than make up for itself by keeping the lights on and your staff productive while other competitors are facing downtime in the dark — regardless of where you would need generator power. At Turnkey Industries we offer a wide range of industrial generators from top generator manufacturers.

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