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The Incredible Multiquip Power 70 KVA Generator: Why It’s the Best Choice

The Incredible Multiquip Power 70 KVA Generator: Why It’s the Best Choice

Multiquip was founded in 1973 and has since grown to be one of the largest, most diversified manufacturers and suppliers of innovative products for the construction, industrial, telecom, government, non-commercial, aerospace, and entertainment industries, among others. The company’s products include light to medium construction equipment, lighting solutions, and power generators.

Multiquip’s line of generators includes diesel, gasoline, and natural gas-powered generators ranging from 2.3 kW to 2,000 kW. When you purchase a Multiquip generator (like the MQ Power 70 KVA Generator), you can be confident that you are getting a product that will deliver unsurpassed reliability, efficiency, and ultra-quiet performance. The company is committed to producing the perfect generator and is constantly exploring new and innovative ways to serve its valued customers.

The MQ Power 70 kVA Generator

If you need a diesel generator that is proven to handle the toughest applications in most environments with consistent, dependable results, the MQ Power 70 kVA generator might be the generator for you! Multiquip generators are reliable for applications that require continuous power or in situations where temporary power is needed. From construction sites to entertainment venues to disaster recovery options, a Multiquip generator is the solution for all of your power needs.

One of the most popular MQ Power 70 kVA Generators is the DCA70SSIU4F. This generator is part of the company’s Power WhisperWatt line. The generators in this line provide reliable power to meet the most demanding requirements and are built to withstand the toughest environments. This particular generator is also equipped with MQ Power Balance, a proprietary load management control system that regulates the power load at all times to maintain minimum engine operating parameters and prevent wet stack conditions in each system. This patented, computer-controlled automatic system also reduces the chances of premature clogging of emission-controlled exhaust systems and ensures that your generator is operating at peak performance. MQ’s Power Balance system reduces the need for expensive engine repairs, equipment downtime, and lost profits while protecting your investment.

Detailed Specs For Your Next Generator

The DCA70SSIU4F offers a prime rating of 56 kW (70 kVA) and a standby rating of 62 kW (77 kVA). The unit features an auto start/stop that allows the generator to be operated from a remote location. This powerful generator also includes a powder-coated, weatherproof steel housing that allows a substantially low operating noise level of 65 dB(A). More technical specs for this unit are listed below:

  • Generator RPM – 1800
  • Voltage – Three Phase (208, 220, 240, 416, 440, 460, 480V Switchable)
  • Voltage – Single Phase (120, 127, 139, 240, 254, 277V Switchable)
  • Emissions – EPA Tier 4 Final Certified
  • Starting System – Electric
  • Design – 4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection, turbocharged
  • Gross Engine Power Output – 95.2 bhp (71 kW)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 103 gallons (390 L)

Optional Features Offered With Your Multiquip Generator

Multiquip’s Power Generator line is portable. One of the options available with the MQ Power 70 kVA Generator is a tandem axle trailer with either an electric or hydraulic brake system (your preference). This allows you to easily move your Mutiquip generator to different locations, as needed. Additional items to improve your generator’s operation are available for purchase. They include:

  • Multiquip’s proprietary PowerBalance system – an automatic, integrated load design system
  • Crankcase vent blanket with heating element
  • Battery charger
  • Water heater
  • Emergency stop function
  • Low coolant level shutdown alert
  • Camlocks
  • Audible alarm to protect your investment
  • Subbase fuel tanks – available in custom size configurations)

Get More Power With A Power WhisperWatt

If you need a reliable source of power, Multiquip’s Power 70 kVA Generator is the generator for you. Take this powerful workhorse on the job, to a concert venue, or into a disaster recovery area. With its mighty output and load management delivery system guaranteed to keep your generator operating at peak performance, MQ has crafted a generator built to withstand the most demanding conditions while delivering the steady supply of power you need to get the job done.

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