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Preventative Maintenance Tips for Diesel Generators

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Diesel Generators

Diesel generators can withstand heavy loads for extended periods, making them reliable and durable pieces of equipment to support your facility’s operations. That said, with typical wear and tear, your supplemental power unit may require maintenance to preserve its integrity.

In this article, you’ll discover a few significant preventative maintenance tips for diesel generators that can guide you in the right direction.

Conduct Regular Inspections

To properly maintain your unit, you should conduct routine inspections. This way, you can evaluate key aspects during its operation. While your generator runs, monitor the fuel and exhaust systems, DC electrical mechanisms, and the engine for leakage that could be hazardous to equipment.

Change the Oil and Filters

As a crucial maintenance tip, changing your generator’s oil should occur every 100 hours of operation. Doing so can reduce friction within the engine while preventing the device from overheating.

Routine oil changes can also help eliminate impurities that accumulate near the engine that impede your equipment’s efficiency.

Check the Cooling System

You should evaluate the cooling system and fluid levels during the generator’s shutdown period. When coolant within the machine loses its properties, it can affect the engine, causing a decrease in power that can result in the system wearing and the engine failing.

To combat these possible outcomes, you should consider maintaining coolant compartments by adding balanced mixtures of water and antifreeze. You can also inspect the radiator’s exterior for dirt and foreign material.

Assess the Fuel Tank

Diesel can be subject to contamination within a year, which is why it helps to conduct generator set exercises as a way to utilize extra fuel. Drain your filters to avoid further water vapor accumulation and condensation within the tank.

It also helps to inspect charge air cooler pipes and other equipment components for leakages and damages that could affect connections.

Test the Generator Batteries

You want to ensure your generator’s batteries have a full charge since undercharging is a common cause of equipment failure. Regularly test your batteries by performing a load tester assessment to evaluate accurate terminal voltages during performance.

Remember to clean your generator’s batteries if you notice excessive grime and debris accumulation.

Perform Engine Exercise

Performing routine engine exercises maintains the component by keeping it lubricated. These exercises also help mitigate oxidation in electrical contacts and promote a reliable engine start. It helps to conduct assessments once a month for 30 minutes.

Clean Your Unit

Lastly, you want to clean your generator and ensure you wipe away oil spots, dirt, and debris. There’s a chance you’ll locate pests and insects nesting within your equipment, so remember to conduct frequent checks for these nuisances.

Having a well-designed and well-maintained power unit is paramount for keeping your building operational and productive. By using these preventative maintenance tips, you can keep your diesel generator running for longer by ensuring maximum service life and mitigating costs from mass outages.

Maintaining an industrial diesel generator requires diligence. But it should last a long time when you follow the right steps. Still, there may eventually come a time when you need a replacement unit. Consider Turnkey Industries as your one-stop shop for the ideal unit to supply energy to your facility. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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