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The Different Fuel Grades That Diesel Generators Use

The Different Fuel Grades That Diesel Generators Use

Different businesses and organizations use diesel generators to keep the lights on in even the worst circumstances, and they need the right fuel for their generators. Diesel fuel is reliable and readily available, but your generator can use different fuel grades. There are three kinds: D1, D2, and a mixture of the two. It’s important to know their differences so you can give your generator the right fuel for all your power needs.

Diesel Fuel Grade #1 (D1)

Different grades of diesel fuel are compatible with each generator. Finding the optimal fuel grade for your machinery will give you the advantages of its power. The first type of diesel fuel grade people use is diesel fuel grade #1 (D1).

This fuel has a higher volatility but a much lower viscosity than D2. This diesel fuel grade doesn’t gel like the other fuel grade in cold weather because it lacks paraffin wax. However, this lack limits lubrication and produces less energy because of the volatility. Since it doesn’t produce as much energy, you need to buy more fuel to match the same energy output as D2.

Diesel Fuel Grade #2 (D2)

As mentioned in the last point, diesel fuel grade #2 (D2) is more energy efficient than D1. It’s generally available at most gas stations, making it more popular. It has a higher viscosity than D1, so it can gel in the winter when the temperature reaches 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite this, the viscosity makes it great at lubricating diesel engine parts, and the lower volatility simplifies maintenance. Even though this diesel grade is efficient, it gels in the winter, making it unfavorable for year-round use.

Winterized Diesel

Both diesel fuel grades have drawbacks, but D2 can’t hold up in cold temperatures, even though it is typically better overall than D1. A winterized blend of D1 and D2 is a third option, as it balances the fuels’ costs and abilities without drawbacks. This winterized blend is not as resistant to gelling as D1, which can perform at temperatures like -60 degrees Fahrenheit. Still, the blend is more resistant to gelling than D2. Diesel fuel grade #2 is ideal most of the year, but consider using D1 or the winterized blend when temperatures drop.

Diesel generators use different fuel grades to pump energy wherever you need it, and using the right fuel grade can ensure your generator works efficiently. At Turnkey Industries, we understand the importance of using the right fuel grade and the right industrial diesel generator. The proper generator will meet your specific power needs—when you work with us, we’ll find you the perfect generator.

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