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The Environmental Benefits of Natural Gas Generators

The Environmental Benefits of Natural Gas Generators

When browsing generators online, you’ll come across various fuel options. So what’s the difference between the fuel types available? One of the most significant factors is the environmental impact, whether you’re using a diesel or natural gas generator. Continue below to learn the environmental benefits of natural gas generators so that you can become more familiar with their abilities before purchasing.

A Cleaner Fuel Source

When your facility or jobsite requires consistent electricity, and you want to produce it in an eco-friendly way, one of the effective alternatives available is natural gas generators. For instance, according to the United States Energy Information Administration, natural gas produces nearly 100 pounds less carbon dioxide per million British thermal units (MMBtu) than coal. Likewise, the EIA’s explanation also details how natural gas produces nearly 50 pounds less carbon dioxide than distillate fuel oil. Thus, although natural gas does produce pollutants, they create far less than other top fuel sources.

Wellhead Compatibility

In the oil and gas industry, drilling creates a byproduct called wellhead gas. This is a form of natural gas that, in some operations, can be a waste. However, if you have a compatible natural gas generator, you can reuse that wellhead gas to power your generator and, in turn, your equipment. That way, the wellhead doesn’t have to undergo flaring after production. Suffice it to say, beyond being beneficial to the environment, wellhead gas can be a cost-effective fuel source, too.

The Same Reliable Performance

The environmental benefits of natural gas generators make these machines perfect for businesses that want an eco-friendlier operation. Moreover, one of the top benefits of natural gas generators is that they deliver eco-friendlier power production without compromising excellent performance. For instance, at Turnkey Industries, we carry industrial natural gas generators available in sizes ranging from 50kW to 2000kW. Don’t worry; you don’t have to settle for double-digit kilowatts when switching from diesel to natural gas generators.

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