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The Role of Transfer Switches for Standby Generators

The Role of Transfer Switches for Standby Generators

A generator works by turning fuel into electricity, and that electricity will power whatever you have plugged into your generator. It seems simple, but it can actually become quite complicated, and staying safe is an entirely different matter. Different businesses have generators on standby, and they stay safe by having transfer switches that work with their standby generators. Safety for you and your appliances should be your number one priority, and with transfer switches, it is.

What Is a Transfer Switch?

To better understand the role that transfer switches play for standby generators, you should completely understand what a transfer switch is. In the most basic terms, a transfer switch is something you connect to your power box that can change the load between your different power sources. In the ideal situation, your backup power is a standby generator. With a transfer switch, when the first power source cuts off, the transfer switch seamlessly works to keep the energy flowing by immediately switching to the standby generator.

Standby Generators

Your standby generator is what its name suggests; it’s a backup generator. You use power from the main electrical grid or another source, but you have your standby generator in case of an emergency. It’s a great way to keep your business running in even the worst circumstances. You don’t need a transfer switch in every situation, but electricians recommend one if your generator comes in at above 5,000 watts. A generator of this size produces lots of power, and the transfer switch also acts as a regulator. It prevents your generator from surging and backfeeding the grid. That way, it powers your business instead of potentially cutting off power.

Different Transfer Switches

Transfer switches can help keep your business in power and protected, but you should be aware of a couple of different types of transfer switches: automatic and manual. Automatic may be the right choice for your business because it seamlessly routes the power from your main source to the standby generator when the main power cuts out. An automatic switch like this will ensure you don’t have a waiting period before the power returns. With manual switches, you must flip the lever yourself to turn the switch on. Automatic may be your best option if you have a permanently installed generator.

It’s important that you know the role of transfer switches for your standby generators and have them so that your appliances and the generator itself stay safe. Not having transfer switches will also lead to downtime while everything is off, putting you behind schedule. Make sure you have a transfer switch, and if you’re unsure where to get the right commercial generator for your business, come to us at Turnkey Industries. We have plenty of different generators you can choose from, so you’re guaranteed to get the one that works for you and your business.

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