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Tips for Preventing Your Generator From Overheating

Tips for Preventing Your Generator From Overheating

While extremely durable and strong, like any electrical machinery, generators can wear down and experience problems over time. Whether you own a backup or continuous unit, there’s one thing these types of equipment have in common, and it’s their ability to overheat during operation.

Overheating is a major contributor to generator failure that may result from inadequate maintenance and improper equipment use. Once your equipment overheats, its internal components may experience high temperatures that cause damage to the rest of the machine.

The good news is that you can keep machinery cool during operation! Here are a few tips for preventing your generator from overheating, so you can prolong the use of equipment.

Change Oil and Filters Regularly

Oil is a necessary component that keeps equipment well-lubricated so all other engine parts can work together seamlessly. As oil ages, the substance becomes less effective, therefore increasing wear and tear on the engine.

Filters can keep harmful debris and contaminants away from the engine. With regular changes, your generator can overheat and cause significant damage.

Keep Exhaust Areas Clear

During operation, your generator exhaust will produce and disperse hot air. Given the amount, it’s best to maintain clearance around the unit to avoid blocking the exhaust area. If blocked, hot air may continue to accumulate, causing equipment to overheat.

To avoid, place the generator outside with clearance between the unit and doors, windows, and other openings. Doing so can prevent exhaust chemicals from traveling around the building and affecting indoor air quality.

Don’t Overload Your Generator

Generators come in different sizes and power load capacities. While a larger unit may have a higher output than smaller options, always use extreme caution when loading machinery. Continuously exceeding your generator’s power capacity can result in an unreliable performance.

Clean Generator Exterior Regularly

While the inside of a generator is vital to its operation, its exterior conditions are just as essential! By maintaining exterior cleanliness, you can prevent dust and dirt particles from entering equipment and clogging filters.

Wipe your generator’s exterior with a damp cloth and avoid spraying water directly on the unit or handle machinery. These malpractices can cause shock or electrocution.

Conduct Routine Maintenance

Regular servicing is central to keeping your generator in its prime operating condition. The company you trust should be able to properly check oil and filters, coolant, and other components that can overheat if left ignored.

Fortunately, Turnkey Industries is a trusted supplier with professionals who specialize in selling, purchasing, and repairing natural gas commercial generators. We conduct maintenance practices to ensure your unit operates to its maximum efficiency at all times.

When a generator overheats, it can shut down and deprive your business of the power it needs to maintain daily operations. Fortunately, you can prevent your generator from overheating using these tips and mitigate financial loss and other consequences typically caused by unexpected downtime.

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