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Tips for Protecting Your Generator From Theft and Vandalism

Tips for Protecting Your Generator From Theft and Vandalism

Whatever size your business or organization is, you probably use some form of an industrial generator. It will keep you safe and operating in even the worst conditions, but these generators are vulnerable. Because it sits outside your building, it has little to guard it against thieves or vandals who wish to do it harm. Thankfully, there are ways you can protect your generator from theft and vandalism.

Think About Location

One of the first and most important choices you can make that will help you protect your generator from theft and vandalism is putting it in the right location. Ideally, you’d want your generator in a secure room with a lock. But for ventilation purposes, most generators are outdoors.

However, you can make that outdoor location one with plenty of light and visibility. If it’s dark and people aren’t walking around there, ill-intentioned individuals can feel safer messing with it. You can’t have the generator inside normally, but you can invest in a fence to keep people away from it as well. If there’s an open space, consider building some fences and securely placing your generators there.

Invest in Security

Location is important for security, but it can only do so much. If you really want to keep your generators safe and protect them, you should invest in additional security measures. One measure many businesses use is installing security cameras because they simultaneously act as a deterrent and allow you to identify perpetrators who mess with your generator. Depending on your resources, you could be a business or organization that also invests in security guards. You can have guards outside the generators, or you can have them monitor the cameras, ready to take action if someone tries something with your generators.

Block the Site

Another way to protect your generator is simply blocking it from public view or access. Buildings are complex structures, so sometimes you’ll need to have your generator in an open space or a fenced-in area, but it can still be vulnerable there. If you really want to protect it, consider blocking the site and building some walls. This way, the only means to access the generator is to go through your building. It’s a little more complicated, but it’s a great way to add that extra important layer of protection for your generator.

A generator will protect your business or organization from loss of power, but you need to protect your generator from theft and vandalism. All you need are some simple security measures, and people will think twice about messing with you and your generators. Security equipment protects your business, but to protect yourself from power outages and the loss of productivity, pick up one of our industrial natural gas generators. Turnkey Industries is the best in the business and can help keep your operations running in even the worst circumstances.

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