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Tips for Selling Your Industrial Generator

Tips for Selling Your Industrial Generator

If you have an industrial generator you need to get rid of, you have more options than leaving the unit at the end of the driveway on garbage day. One avenue is selling the generator to someone who can use it if the machine is still in functional condition. So how do you navigate the used industrial generator market successfully? Let’s break down a few essential tips for selling your industrial generator.

Conduct a Test Run

Having a list of details is critical when selling an industrial generator online. Suffice it to say that a customer can gain substantial peace of mind when buying used equipment if the seller is transparent and clear with their listing. Moreover, no matter how the machine looks, a test run will show you whether the generator is ready for the market. By test run, we mean a standard load bank test to determine performance.

Quality Photos Are Essential

When browsing online listings, customers buying used industrial generators need to know the machine’s condition inside and out. While the test-run tip will help you learn more about your generator’s value, the listing photos will help customers see the machine’s visual condition firsthand. The more coverage and clarity that you can capture in the image, the more peace of mind you can provide the customer who doesn’t have the generator in front of them. Simply put, make sure your pictures do your generator justice.

Partner With a Reliable Vendor

One of the best tips for selling your industrial generator is to find a reliable used generator vendor to work with. That way, instead of putting up a listing on eBay and working with random people online, you can sell directly to professionals who can ensure a swift and convenient transaction.

Then, the vendor can take the generator, make necessary repairs, create a listing, and put it up for sale for customers online. For instance, at Turnkey Industries, our used industrial-size generators are inspected and tested before arriving at a customer’s doorstep. If you utilize the tips above, you can get your generator into the hands of someone who needs it.

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