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Experience the Benefits of Diesel Industrial Generators for Worksites

Experience the Benefits of Diesel Industrial Generators for Worksites

If you need to provide a power supply to equipment or machinery being used on a job site, a portable diesel generator is your best bet. When a job site is located in an area where power supply from the main power grid cannot be provided or where connecting machinery to the main line would be difficult, portable industrial generators/worksite diesel generators provide the best solution. These portable generators are most useful when temporary or remote power is needed.

Where Can Portable Diesel Generators Be Used?

Industrial generators are built specifically for job site applications. They can be useful in many situations, but here are three applications where a portable diesel generator would be useful:

  • At a job site – portable diesel generators can be used to power commercial machinery or equipment at locations where a main power supply is not available.
  • For contractors or business operators – if your business is constantly changing work sites, a portable generator can be easily transported from one site to another as work is completed.
  • During power outages – if you are working at a location where frequent power outages take place, having a portable generator available ensures that your site does not experience lost time or that work efficiency is compromised. Diesel generators geared specifically toward job sites can help the work continue without interruption.

Do I Really Need A Work Site Generator?

Power outages are on the rise in the United States; in fact, the frequency of power outages has doubled every five years since 2000. These outages can have a negative impact on your worksite productivity, causing disruption and unplanned downtime. A portable diesel generator can provide power for construction equipment, lighting systems, and pumps at a work site, and will guarantee that your crew stays on schedule.

What Are The Benefits Of A Diesel Generator For Your Worksite?

Industrial generators ensure that critical industries stay powered at all times, even in extreme conditions. The standard in the industry is diesel powered generators, which are preferred at worksites because of availability, quick start-up, affordable price point, and the availability of diesel fuel. Other benefits of having a diesel generator on your job site include:

  • More power – diesel-powered engine-generators are able to generate far more power than a natural gas engine of the same size. Since diesel has a higher energy value, more power can be generated from a smaller engine compared to natural gas. If you compare the two models, you will notice that a diesel generator typically will put out double the power of an equivalent gas-powered generator.
  • Less maintenance – the engine of a diesel generator does not have spark plugs or carburetors. This makes the engine simpler and more efficient, requiring only preventive maintenance and refueling to keep it running. This is truly a “set it and forget it” solution.
  • Longer runtime – diesel industrial generators are built to provide power for a long time. Because of their efficient engine design and fuel consumption, their motors can run for much longer than a gas-powered generator. If you compare the two types of generators, you will see that gas-powered generators run for 8-12 continuous hours, while a diesel-powered generator can run for up to 20 hours.
  • Safer option – diesel generators require less refueling than gas-powered generators. This means that it consumes far less fuel than a gasoline generator. In addition, diesel is much less flammable than gasoline. Having a portable diesel generator on your job site greatly reduces the risk of an accident.
  • Quieter motors – modern diesel engines produce far less noise than older diesel generators or even new gas-powered engines. This highly efficient technology means the diesel generator requires less power to run and will be quieter than the competition while in operation.
  • More efficient – newer diesel engines have simple engines that are easy to fix and can withstand cold temperatures. You’ll spend less on fuel and see less wear and tear on the motor, even if you are running it frequently. In fact, diesel generator engines are 30 to 35 percent more efficient than their gas-powered counterparts. And with fewer moving parts, you won’t have to perform as much maintenance over the life of the engine.

How To Keep Your Jobsite Generator In Top Condition

Like any diesel generator, maintenance is the key to keeping the generator you use on your job site in good condition. Most generator manufacturers will recommend following a specified maintenance schedule at regular intervals to keep your generator running at peak efficiency. And don’t forget – give your generator a once-over and perform any needed maintenance after a major weather event. If you take the time to routinely service your job site generator, you will be able to count on it running for years to come.

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